Get a Look at the Must Have Toys

Toy Insider Mom Laurie Schacht with a look at the hottest toys at the 2013 International Toy Fair.
3:42 | 02/13/13

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Transcript for Get a Look at the Must Have Toys
-- little -- in New York City once a year the -- industry comes together for the largest trade show in the Western Hemisphere. And here to give us the scoop on what are the must have toys is toy insider mom Laurie sacked welcome -- we have a lot to get to yeah. Winning isn't cool things I'd -- -- -- my favorite show but it's not open to the public so it's not think -- the Javits Center. Did you toys this isn't think you're gonna -- coming -- later in here and where to start right here -- the drip drops I want my new friends. -- -- -- -- -- To. -- so there's a whole act the act this screen it's a 3-D coloring look and this is an augmented reality -- me. -- -- existing it rained out but they can't -- be doing it right in their own room. This is out of the active OK -- at eight tentacles and there are all musical we Texas -- We get all kinds of musical sounds. We can change the sounds. And leading classical music. This is grades for a little. And they pray to -- is that -- eight marked car it's a card -- it's just like but the kids see on TV okay. We'll see all kinds of cards legendary Rangers coming back this year really cool really exciting on -- -- can be kind of they can't you see a lot of new -- introductions this year should tell their wonderful. But add to my favorite at a press. Is he Cooper high. -- -- There really fashion Easton she goes to school it's called the world academy at fashion or will. I got -- great styles so they're interchangeable they come right -- -- ever and reminds you also had turned friend. Pinky and of course we can also change -- -- this is a great play on having a pet but also a -- in the moderate vote now and a lot that itself. Disney -- -- -- -- Disney infinity this year. What you gonna see -- real world toys you put them on an infinity base they jumped into a gaming console life if I was playing Jack -- -- being. Pirates of the Caribbean of course and and you -- collect things -- it into a virtual twin that's where kids can going. Taking virtually. We'll have all of their favorite Disney Pixar characters and played together -- and -- -- but that the last thing they currently. Sit out this is very cool they just called the air hot it's a leap. How lax the cat intake -- copter you can fly this begin or. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I don't want to see these and finally. What I'm try -- It really. I'm I'm still learning it's also very rich in this and I -- -- and number of time. I -- it no no no my. Yeah. Yeah -- on Friday. It's not permanently end and I believe me. All right we -- thank you sound minds thank you yeah. I don't want that yeah. -- -- -- information on all the toy that she's shown as log onto our case -- page W and and fans dot com. You're watching world news now. Going to sleep the easy when you wake up in the middle of the night can be frustrating. -- -- --

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{"id":18487339,"title":"Get a Look at the Must Have Toys","duration":"3:42","description":"Toy Insider Mom Laurie Schacht with a look at the hottest toys at the 2013 International Toy Fair.","url":"/WNN/video/2013-international-toy-fair-new-york-18487339","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}