Toys to entertain during bad weather

Toy Insider Mom Laurie Schacht recommends the latest toys and games to keep you busy *inside* all winter long!
4:24 | 02/22/17

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Transcript for Toys to entertain during bad weather
So what Punxsutawney Phil predicting six more weeks of winter or some of you may actually need some. New and fun ideas of what to do with kids on those long winter days here to give a certain corners is. We're checked who's our toy insider mom so glad you're here it's true. Biggest it's cold outside it is we have a lot of things to do inside all right let's get through it all whole line of toys called twist to this one is my favorite cult tower crash when it lettuce has lots of ways to play the game. But essentially an election thrown us that. Wage a story that's what is known are not about it. We are like. Right so you that it green what you are okay but agreement or building this tamraz you want to build this towers highest possible that it here yet and we can actually be starting on the grounds. Are obviously and it's going to get an outward now we can also play that we too we can build and I still haven't we can play atoms hydrogen guy yeah where your polling so lots of ways to play lots of five appellate keep everyone out there tell us. If it's a little speed we're looking for out of vast thinking game 59 seconds so this is a great little game you have. I've tried to new and and it rested easier you always have my cards in your intentions show you my cards cards it down an eight AT and how you need to do as quickly as possible get credible reports. By going one consecutive up or one dancer officials can't do math you can't tell her that and I'm glad. Now you can yeah. Or twelve I got the twelve I'm winning a ready but that's not in the whole thing I can't. They get hit a 300 TD Friday. Sound this is a game that has some skill and agility and the eucharist TA aloha. And let's just say I threw this. This could land on one court to force or three porous. You need to pour it into the bucket but sometimes it went Tennessee that's a car. So you need to hop on one foot hop one foot and make to poison that while pouring two dropped out for this sounds accrues gained. And shots at the end I can't too little power on one pocket and while porn to Europe that. Now. I hadn't had any choice obviously you don't want to think the buckets but I don't have what Seve here on our cookie cryptic what is the best thing to do whatever went home but hanging in the kitchen yet now we take Graham crackers we have all different shapes. We turn this time yet. And look what we he did a I can actually. Eastland and Lincoln and I mean is instantly when he that's right yeah. We're gonna have these great. Don't drink. Larry you do anyway that fit. But that's correct that looks perfect yet you just can't write off okay night awesome I gives them something to do do you remember shrink Keating's. You know I'm. Think eating so we get these pieces of class stick aha we counted then paint them. And then we hate the Minnie avenue in can actually get the shrinking dink and when you're done you're all kinds of great things we have kids that are you know on the secret let the pats and now we have sex you can play. Kids can make room to court but these beautiful light at butterflies you can change Hillary. So girl's voice everyone and it's great because parents get to do something with their kids that they remember and it's new for the kids and the kids nowadays despite all the technology are still well loved and their love and a lot of grants. And speaking about like that cryptic had a name coloring cult is not just for little kids except passer and no not I don't active dot plot that I have two different things here. So Braylon make sees. Parts Bartlett adds he's really betweens and teens we have spells it all into. Holding signs that the kids really loud yeah and then you also have the color escapes to get these twelve big sheets you have all of these beautiful colored pencils. When you're done you gonna Franklin you have aren't hanging has of that occupy their time for what it is hour two night all I get what you really sit around the table all along some some great tips great ideas and sorry I missed of the table that's okay responds they want you hop. Yeah I can't thank you have met in an attempt to exit the same time. Very very very thank you so much always a pleasure if you're interest and by the way learning more about these games at least. Planet project you can visit lorries website at toy insider mom or toy insider dot com also hours at W an advance or come north and rooms.

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{"id":45652495,"title":"Toys to entertain during bad weather","duration":"4:24","description":"Toy Insider Mom Laurie Schacht recommends the latest toys and games to keep you busy *inside* all winter long!","url":"/WNN/video/toys-entertain-bad-weather-45652495","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}