Skinny: Tracy Morgan Hospitalized

The comedian collapsed during awards ceremony at Sundance Film Festival.
3:18 | 01/23/12

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Transcript for Skinny: Tracy Morgan Hospitalized
-- -- good subject -- the skinny minute course big football we get we -- the nailed over the past and giant headed to the super moment forward that it during -- -- the pats ravens gave the what -- -- Steven Tyler Aaron Smith. Same sang the National Anthem here and by the game he has had -- -- -- -- And -- Game two. Yeah. It's. -- second -- -- it's -- it was an appeal of this obviously American Idol that if he can't really -- that -- always need to be -- in these folks. All of America credible of course the same thing who we couldn't sing -- can't really -- don't be surprised but -- handy -- looking saying don't lie don't tell that -- national television nursing care unit and has even testing but that was not the best -- in this -- -- -- a little rough so you won't get final irony. In his American Idol judges were judging other people singing ability when suddenly he was. Let's kill -- -- so huge. Do you know what it is -- okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- right out Heidi Klum and seal Hollywood's golden couple seven years of marriage they are officially calling it -- it's disappointing. This kind of disappointed they they seem to be really really loved -- released a statement last night -- while we have enjoyed seven very loving. Loyal and happy years of marriage after much soul searching we have decided to separate. They -- to say this is an amicable process of protecting the well being of our children remains our top priority. They do have three biological children and then. Her daughter -- he adopted through a previous relationship but this is a couple of us seem to have it all together they -- their thousands. Here Eros and maybe he got a little jealous of her success in recent years that's a factor of sure more will come out later but -- -- -- -- about -- take some time we'll see. And Tracy Morgan also back in the news this morning he was out at Sundance in Utah on -- -- -- was at an awards ceremony. And passed out he was escorted out the building after he gave his speech in -- apparently fell unconscious. Outside the building they call the ambulance out to pick him up. There you see the picture and using their of the ambulance here's some the initial reports -- -- -- -- little bit jargon too much to drink of alcohol of the hospital said. No alcohol or drugs were found in the system and spokesman actually blame the whole episode on exhaustion. And just a higher altitude there and you Talbot -- and scary moments for -- other -- hope he's doing okay. You mentioned American Idol will movie original and judge I'm style -- break cannot put this girl really after two years that I know it was just a couple years ago he dashed. That she's the one. You know you've found somebody very special but now he tells the daily -- that I'm vulnerable if not on it's not -- somewhere in the middle I don't know if I'll ever get married but I am happy -- -- -- quite complicated. The thing you -- Paula Abdul split from her boyfriend. Tell us not just started up. Fifth failure and occupied vehicles earn enough that president of the midwest and that isn't this terrific defense. How -- I think that's the we have some lessens it -- In our -- today got to teach you that that was a lot. We -- more covered up next and maybe C tablet just.

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{"id":15419530,"title":"Skinny: Tracy Morgan Hospitalized","duration":"3:18","description":"The comedian collapsed during awards ceremony at Sundance Film Festival.","url":"/WNN/video/tracy-morgan-hospitalized-15419530","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}