Travel Deal Tuesday

ABC’s Will Ganss speaks with travel expert Liana Corwin on how to save big on flexible travel.
2:37 | 12/01/20

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Transcript for Travel Deal Tuesday
Rick and needs. Chair or the high. Cash. Nothing like a little travel to beat the quarantine blues and today's the data get that's still on the road. Travel deal Tuesday. Try her. Hand on power. There are. In fact prices are expected to be 34%. Lower today. Compared to December 1 of last year with great deals on spring and summer twenties when he won travel. Here tonight the carrier suddenly and our hand and I you I. And I. Am on my. Name. Yeah. Harry angering aren't. Nervous to book a trip given the state of well everything don't worry and eating and there and hit an. Out. Pattern and so if you are ready to part if you half. Minor heart tell your New. England. Journal and not. Atalanta. Mentality. Wrap it. Grand national earlier she I'll deal I'm my parents all tell. The pre all the college. Sounds good to this reporter it'll. You think that. Maybe this time next year whenever I'm interviewing you about Chapel Hill Tuesday for 21 and we might be able to do this interview on a beach and YE. I really helps and I certainly relates is yeah. That's the goal right on hot on the hop rap we since he deals today of up to 40% off flights. 40% off hotels and up to 30% off select car rentals the app also has a freeze feature which will hold a deal price for up to fourteen days he can take your time. Planning that next the McVeigh case Kenneth. OK well thank you so much is also we should tell people it's giving Tuesday every wine I guess is the biggest day of giving all year and thou also a big tip. If you checked cedar company have matching gifts school because then you can double your contribution there. After you know we spent on others for Black Friday means that on ourselves or Cyber Monday give back you can donate with money or time if you can't. Yes yes that's nice.

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{"duration":"2:37","description":"ABC’s Will Ganss speaks with travel expert Liana Corwin on how to save big on flexible travel.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"74477499","title":"Travel Deal Tuesday","url":"/WNN/video/travel-deal-tuesday-74477499"}