Trump presses NATO allies

President Trump openly questions the purpose of NATO and criticized Germany's energy deal with Russia. ABC News' Karen Travers reports.
3:08 | 07/12/18

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Transcript for Trump presses NATO allies
And we are actually get a service half are in Europe the president heading to London and that's where tens of thousands of antitrust protesters are preparing to give him. A special form of welcome. And president opened the NATO summit with a barrage of biting criticism pointed at Germany over its energy deal with Russia. He's also turning up the pressure on allies to boost defense spending an openly asking. What good is NATO ABC's Karen Travers joins us now live from Brussels good morning to care what's on the president's agenda for today. Good morning ending tennis president John as a relatively short day at NATO before heading on to the united king now. His sit down today with the leaders are remaining as a right John Georgia and Ukraine those last two meetings are seen as a sign of US support against Russian aggression. We'll also meet with coalition partners who are helping the United States fight in Afghanistan but. The big question here at NATO today will be will the president continue those very strong attacks yesterday. Attacks on NATO alliance members and Germany is specifically while the president's Ari up and tweeting this morning. Continuing to say that I've NATO countries need to contribute more to defense spending he said now that needs to go from 2% which is what the commitment is. Just 4% really ambitious call from the president there. He's also once again going after Germany for that controversial pipeline to Germany agreed to build with Russia. And that 2% commitment by NATO countries is something that had been agreed upon. For several years even before the president was in office. That's about Germany for a second there because they had some niceties when he met up with Angela Merkel but. How were his breakfast comments received. Oh they air at shockwaves through the NATO summit on Angola Merkel herself said. She grew up in east Germany Communist east Germany so she knows what it's like to be controlled by rush which is what the president was saying yesterday. That Germany is currently act captive of Russia she says today that a united Germany is stands against Russian aggression and that's a good thing. You also had NATO leaders trying to defuse the situation and say that NATO is stronger when everybody is working together now as you pointed out the president when he was sitting next on the -- Merkel. All smiles relatively cordial saying they've a great relationship they had a great meeting. But just a couple hours after that the president was back to those tweets saying what is NATO good for. Germany's gonna have made deals like this with Russia and chairperson president heads to the UK later on today hospital of cook political chaos there impacting his visit. It's full steam ahead of the schedule that the president has plan with three Sunday he'll have a big dinner tonight with the prime minister and business leaders. Tomorrow we'll sit down for bilateral meetings at a press conference before the president. And the First Lady have tea with the queen but remember earlier this week the president said. The United Kingdom was in turmoil he had a chance to get originally full throated support for Teresa may when he was asked if he should stay on as prime minister he said. Sign up for him to decide is up for the British people to decide. What we do we do get a sense of what the British people many of the British people will be saying to the president once he arrives there with those protests. Signs that he. Our thanks to Karen Travers.

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{"duration":"3:08","description":"President Trump openly questions the purpose of NATO and criticized Germany's energy deal with Russia. ABC News' Karen Travers reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"56534106","title":"Trump presses NATO allies","url":"/WNN/video/trump-presses-nato-allies-56534106"}