Trump slams the FBI

The president is criticizing the agency and Deputy Director Andrew McCabe for alleged bias toward him.
2:17 | 12/27/17

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Transcript for Trump slams the FBI
President Chubb has returned to Twitter to make a bold new prediction about health care but this morning he's also criticizing the FBI as one congressman calls for quote purge. Of the FBI because of biased agents. President trump was back to work and back to the golf course Tuesday joined by a Georgia senator and two pro golfers. But as he hit the links he also hit Twitter to speak out against that now infamous Russian dossier that claimed there were ties between the term campaign and Russia. The dossier was the subjects of a report on Fox News just before the president's tweak. The dossier we have long known is bogus president tweeted quote wow dossier is bogus Clinton Campaign DNC funded dossier. FBI can not after all of this time. Verify claims and dossier of Russia trump collusion. FBI tainted. President trump is also taking aim at FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe accusing him of bias streaming Hillary Clinton email investigation. After Clinton allied donated to the campaign in the caves wife. At the time McCabe consulted ethics officials at the FBI about that donation but the president is asking how Medicaid could be quote. Given 700000. Dollars for his wife's campaign by Clinton puppets. A GOP congressman took the allegations of bias in the FBI a step further claiming that both the FBI and Justice Department are quote off the rails. And calling for a purge of the so called deep state I would like to see. The indie directors of those agencies purge it. And say look we've got a lot of great agents a lot of great lawyers here those are the people but I want the American people to see another good works being done not these people who are kind of a deep state. The congressman denied he was trying to discredit special counsel Robert Muller's Russian investigation. Meanwhile when it comes to health care president trump is out with a bold prediction this morning following the repeal of obamacare individual mandate in his tax bill. He says Democrats and Republicans will eventually come together and develop a great new health care plan but with midterm elections less than a year away. Some political experts say that's doubt. He is now offended so many parts of the Democratic Party. That hit their entire constituency is basically sending a signal to their party leaders don't cooperate with the president. And a president has reached a milestone he now spent more than 100 days this year at one of his properties that's roughly 13 of his presidency.

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{"duration":"2:17","description":"The president is criticizing the agency and Deputy Director Andrew McCabe for alleged bias toward him. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"52014220","title":"Trump slams the FBI ","url":"/WNN/video/trump-slams-fbi-52014220"}