Trump threatens to shut down government over immigration

President Trump threatens another government shutdown if lawmakers fail to negotiate a favorable deal on immigration. ABC's Kenneth Moton reports.
2:16 | 02/07/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump threatens to shut down government over immigration
Heavy Wednesday morning see lower gonna start things up with president trump threatening to shut down the government if he doesn't get his way on immigration and the White House chief of staff John Kelly is making no apologies. After calling some immigrants who didn't sign up for the doctor program. Lazy. All this is congress scrambles to come up with a funding bill before the government runs out of money again this time tomorrow night. ABC's can moan has the latest good morning Canon. Good morning canvas and Diane yes have a few looming deadlines here in Washington up or respond in the government by tomorrow and then addressing the fate of the dreamers. This morning president trump is pushing for government shut down let's have shut death wound to shut down the deadline to keep the government open just one day away. Truck during a White House meeting on MS thirteen gang violence demanding that tougher deal on immigration or else with. I love this you shut that. We don't get this stuff taking care but this incredible bull ban cameras rolling Republican congresswoman Barbara Comstock confronted the president and. We don't know governments. Three is really do I think both I'd have learned that a government shutdown with. It was a good for them and getting support from the Democrats. And you say what you want when not getting support from Democrats on American. What is left in a I must that a month dreamers are risk of deportation. Nearly 700000. Undocumented immigrants brought to the US illegally is children signed up for protections under President Obama. Trump wants offer a path to citizenship for one point eight million. His chief of staff under fire for saint potential Kramer's were quote too lazy to sign up. The difference between 691 point eight million with the people. Some would say were too afraid to sign up others it's him too lazy. Get up there and but they didn't sign up Brazilians illusion. Program. Immigration at the sooner. While shut down drama the motion is adopted but not this time the house approved a short term funding measure last night. Senate leaders on both sides of their close to a sweeping two year budget deal. And while congress is close to avoiding a government shut down and appears lawmakers are nowhere near a deal on immigration. And the dreamers dining Condace tyrant and so it does continued their DC can thank you.

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{"id":52897632,"title":"Trump threatens to shut down government over immigration","duration":"2:16","description":"President Trump threatens another government shutdown if lawmakers fail to negotiate a favorable deal on immigration. ABC's Kenneth Moton reports.","url":"/WNN/video/trump-threatens-shut-government-immigration-52897632","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}