Trump's valet tests positive for coronavirus

President Donald Trump says he will now be tested daily. ABC News' Kimberly Brooks reports.
3:00 | 05/08/20

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Transcript for Trump's valet tests positive for coronavirus
This morning changes at the White House and we just once a lake. Now we're gonna go testing once a day. After one of president trumped personal ballets a military service member. Tested positive for corona virus that is moot six. A bit strange you put it's one of those things. The valley serve the president his lunch indict coax but the White House did not confirm the wind the ballet was last in the Oval Office I've had very little. Contact personal contact with this gentleman. The president has since tested negative for the virus and says ballets have been wearing masks in the west weaned although reporters are questioning that. I have been in and out of the White House regularly threw out this crisis and I have almost never seen any member of the White House staff. Wearing masks meanwhile the accuracy of the corona virus test itself is in question but it does have about a 15%. False negative rate. Posing an extra challenge for states looking to safely reopening you don't want to test out there that's giving wrong information. As Kobe nineteen cases continue to rise in many areas at least 39 states have started easing restrictions. In at least five more will reopen today. But with Al further guidance from the CDC. The White House has rejected a new CDC roadmap aimed at helping businesses reopened safely one senior official calling it unnecessary duplicative. Chris get back. In May she'd in construction workers are back on the clock. In Montana some schools are back open. With students now getting their temperatures checked at the door in Nevada or restaurants can open at half capacity Saturday but casinos remained closed. And in California. More than two dozen shudder DMV offices reopened today. Along with some malls in low risk counties. It comes as a state now reports at least three cases of a mystery illness affecting children possibly tied to corona virus. Dozens of cases were purse reported in New York. There creek master system is so. Compromise here in shock. One victim this eight year old from New York. Is finally off and then a leader seeing his family for the first time in a week. He isn't want they are using that money. As the US corona and I was death tolls surpasses 75000. This morning. There are more encouraging stories of survival. Look do you. Including this man who served at ground zero on 9/11. As a matter how. Is that we really. Knows he spent nineteen days on a ventilator. But beat the eyes. Kilmeny going home. And I saw one interesting note about this mystery illness and he adapter in Illinois said in several of these cases. Think he's testing negative. For coup in nineteen but testing positive for the antibodies. Meaning this inflammatory syndrome showed up later Kinney Mona. Similar Brooks thank you.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"President Donald Trump says he will now be tested daily. ABC News' Kimberly Brooks reports. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"70574507","title":"Trump's valet tests positive for coronavirus","url":"/WNN/video/trumps-valet-tests-positive-coronavirus-70574507"}