New ‘Twilight’ book drops

The latest novel in the saga is topping bestseller lists worldwide. ABC’s Will Ganss reports on ‘Midnight Sun.’
2:12 | 08/14/20

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Transcript for New ‘Twilight’ book drops
On the world's most dangerous person. This morning Edward Cullen is taking a big bite out of the best sellers list. Midnight sun so. And copies in its first United States becoming the number one best. Leaned in countries around the world Stephanie Meyer's latest installment in the Twilight Saga is a retelling of the book that started it all. This time fans getting the story from Edward's perspective. I can lean and mean mind. And his from. The author finally publishing big nights on twelve years after breaking dawn. It's a crazy tightly now hadn't I was sure that was the right time that the spoke out. Some of you have been waiting purchased so sellout. It didn't seem fair and make you wait anymore why hards more than ready to sink their teeth into this new novel. Sharing their excitement on mind. Well let's be used else today. This band sweeting I have not felt this level of happiness in a long time and it certainly seems like fans will be spending quite a bit of time with Edward the booked. Is 658. Pages launched its mountain. It's an exciting week for fans of the vampire love story that never dies just like this footage of a certain one time presidential hopeful slash Y heart. I keep running to ask you about the famous case of Edward purses Jacob or the vampire verses that we are well but there. Quality of life left in the vampire saga that sold more than a 160 million copies worldwide and has been translated in a 49 languages just this week Stephanie Meyer revealing at an event that she wants to write two more books in the world at twilight saying she is both books outlined and a chapter already written for one of them. Obviously very exciting news their efforts why hard but Stephanie Meyer says that before she writes any more of the Twilight Saga she wants to write something brand new. First on how long has she keeps those uncomfortable excellent questions Elliott through a conflict. I deserve oriented like have more I don't know anyway why pomegranate on the front it's going to be out wells could hear me out and they get out I appreciate it.

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{"duration":"2:12","description":"The latest novel in the saga is topping bestseller lists worldwide. ABC’s Will Ganss reports on ‘Midnight Sun.’","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"72370144","title":"New ‘Twilight’ book drops","url":"/WNN/video/twilight-book-drops-72370144"}