Typhoon Haiyan: US Military Arrives in Devastated Area

The typhoon that slammed the Philippines has survivors concerned about water and medicine shortage.
3:49 | 11/11/13

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Transcript for Typhoon Haiyan: US Military Arrives in Devastated Area
America's number one. The growing desperation and devastation following the super typhoon in the Philippines new video just in from the air shows entire towns destroyed homes flattened for miles water seemingly wiped away everything in its path. And our concern is growing over -- water and medicine shortage ABC's Larry Jacobs has the very latest. A team of nine. EUS Marines in the Philippines providing search and rescue assistance and bringing supplies to a country that desperately need so much of everything. The ferocious winds and tree high tidal surges -- -- and I -- Destroyed roads bridges and homes across a wide swath of the central Philippines. Phone lines are down power is out hundreds of thousands -- running release centers desperate for life's necessities. Yeah. Yeah we need we teach our -- didn't -- Aircraft -- bringing in some supplies soldiers carrying injured residents to planes along with the elderly. Back to -- them from what looks like a war zone. But it's not enough the suffering and -- And turning life into misery for four million people some of the grim job of recovering the bodies of countless victims. The death told is expected to be in the many thousands but admits a tide of human suffering a ray of hope. 21 year old Emily Ortega went into labor inside the damaged airport control tower and -- -- she's fortunate. But doctor is there to help placing the newborn baby on the woman's stomach a little girl unaware of the devastation around -- Larry Jacobs ABC news New York. There has been a massive outpouring of tears and prayers some Filipinos who live here in the United States -- seen here in Sacramento and across the country are scrambling to send money and supplies. To help the countless victims of the typhoon many of them still trying to reach friends and family in the hardest hit areas of the Philippines. Just on my doctor didn't. Darren Collison listen you know -- just -- long. Aid agencies on the ground are getting a firsthand look at just how dire that situation is I spoke earlier Richard Gordon chairman of the Red Cross in the Philippines. About the desperate need for emergency supplies. We -- able to get into the area and additives. Aren't affected Emily at churches and because of that we cannot -- I'm -- since food. But don't temporary shelters. And a horse to water will divest or. We're -- about a thousand people -- -- 101000. -- O'Grady -- so slowly but surely we're getting and then we're also -- -- practically clearing the area -- debris. So did IB quote illegal and the government is also there were doing everything you're against. To get to the victims Mary Mary and I gave it actually and in the international community is BJ del -- know -- Mac shares and the military but now. There are not a lot of countries that have already seen by it and fashion doll itself -- not LM poured gasoline made and you need a lot of resources. A lot of equipment a lot of bullets and I don't shelter. Once again our thanks to Richard Gordon -- much weekend high and made landfall in north Vietnam this morning as a tropical storm. But winds were still gusting -- nearly a hundred miles an hour. 600000 people were evacuated ahead of the storm in some cities are bracing for widespread flooding. At least six people have died there are so far all schools and -- -- no way are closed the army has been mobilized. Be sure to stay with ABC news -- the latest on the recovering in the Philippines -- -- a live report coming up. On Good Morning America.

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{"duration":"3:49","description":"The typhoon that slammed the Philippines has survivors concerned about water and medicine shortage.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"20848532","title":"Typhoon Haiyan: US Military Arrives in Devastated Area","url":"/WNN/video/typhoon-haiyan-us-military-arrives-devastated-area-20848532"}