'Uncle Joey' Gets Married

"Full House" star Dave Coulier weds Melissa Bring.
3:04 | 07/03/14

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Transcript for 'Uncle Joey' Gets Married
Time now for the skinny and topping this morning's headlines. Wedding bells for a beloved member of the -- the full house David cool today -- tie the knot with longtime love photographer producer Melissa brain. The couple married yesterday in Paradise Valley Montana and -- friends and family including fellow full house co stars -- -- most and Bob -- -- For the twins -- this. -- the F 54 year old comedian actor is best known for his role as uncle -- In his it is -- they've been together for nine years with her uncle Joseph. Good to -- and tie the knot next stop revelations about no love lost between Ryan Gosling and Rachel McCadam. Yeah apparently the notebook wasn't quite the romance it appeared to be on screen as the film approaches this. Tenth anniversary. Director nick castle that is tells VH one that the couple fought almost daily on the set. With gusts -- even asking. To kick her off altogether how this -- apparently all the attention did make some great romance. About the couple dated for nearly two and a half years after production -- and it was like sexual tension between two -- that lets them. -- sparks on sat there have even though it was like their fat cats and dogs behind yes. Make love and -- okay. There's another celebrity sharing so my new insight. As part of the -- for us to believe Dakota Fanning. She's now who appeared on the cover of the latest edition of -- -- country ending. We start of Elizabeth -- in the upcoming film very good girls senior what -- the twins again tells us the magazine that. Growing up in the spotlight she was an exceptionally mature child I believe. The value to the twenty year old also says -- not hard to me maintain your celebrity and your privacy pointing out. She does not use FaceBook or Twitter good idea I think it's hard. We need to do it I could just say it saves -- a lot of hard -- And do another accomplished actress and joining in new degree of celebrity. Yet Melissa McCarthy whose latest movie Tammy is already in theaters. It took a few long moments of put aside critics negative reviews and preserve her hand and footprints in the concrete. In front of the iconic Chinese theater out there and Hollywood that's are doing it right there. I. These prince joined some 200 of the greats of the silver screen including Maryland -- -- Bob Hope. Humphrey Bogart and more recently George Clooney and Brad Pitt -- Melissa way to go and all right and finally let's check out our list of celebrity birthday. We'll get a handle -- syndicated columnist fan fare gate barely enough and got the picture there and 67. Tom Cruise not quite born on the fourth of July turns 52. WikiLeaks founder and doing this -- is 43. -- Bolivia -- turns 35 years old. Happy birthday yeah.

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{"id":24408692,"title":"'Uncle Joey' Gets Married","duration":"3:04","description":"\"Full House\" star Dave Coulier weds Melissa Bring.","url":"/WNN/video/uncle-joey-married-24408692","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}