U.S. Believes North Korea Could Fire Nuclear Missile

North Korea might have a nuclear weapon that's small enough to be placed on a missile.
1:45 | 04/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for U.S. Believes North Korea Could Fire Nuclear Missile
High level meetings on the north Korean Peninsula talking about the nuclear crisis secretary of state John Kerry -- in -- this morning and from there he plans on traveling to China the high stakes diplomacy comes as we learned new details about the north's nuclear capabilities. ABC's -- -- -- has the very latest from Seoul. Accidentally declassified. This new government report on North Korea's nuclear capabilities. Says with moderate confidence the north currently has nuclear weapons capable of delivery by ballistic missiles. -- has performed three previous nuclear tests. But being able to actually weaponized -- nuclear capabilities on a missile would be an alarming development. However it's one the north should not depend on. The report goes on to say that their reliability would be low it seems that this report was actually never intended to be public. Leading to some interesting questions. General a -- would you agree with that assessment by DIA. You know congressman with a number of caveats you put on the front end of this I'm not gonna I can't touch that. One of the biggest development here in South Korea president park indicated she's now willing to talk to North Korea a departure from many in her party. While President Obama also pledged to protect US interests abroad. The United States. Will take all necessary steps to protect its people after. Meet. Our obligations under our alliances in the region. Meanwhile over in the north behind all the bluster -- are still arriving into Pyongyang. Public performances were held for -- festival and female soldiers went about their business in heels. -- -- ABC news Seoul South Korea.

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{"id":18938447,"title":"U.S. Believes North Korea Could Fire Nuclear Missile ","duration":"1:45","description":"North Korea might have a nuclear weapon that's small enough to be placed on a missile.","url":"/WNN/video/us-believes-north-korea-fire-nuclear-missile-18938447","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}