Usher's Wife Says that He Faked Sympathy

In court papers Usher?s estranged wife says that all sympathy for dying stepson was faked.
3:00 | 08/03/12

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Transcript for Usher's Wife Says that He Faked Sympathy
Welcome back everybody we talk a -- last several weeks about family tragedy involving -- that his stepson the -- of his ex wife. Was killed in that jet ski accident on top of that before that -- and they've been involved in this nasty custody dispute. Since splitting up and Albert she has filed some new court papers they in light of that custody battle. And say all that that went down during the little boy's injury and subsequent -- that Arthur Mason was sickened and through the whole thing. Said not only did he blow off the funeral but he's pretending to be sympathetic. And on top of that only visited the hospital one time during the fifteen is a little boy Kyle spent -- -- A life support says she bit him to tweak. Something about his son -- -- kind of you know pray -- drum of some public support he refused to do it to she's just kind of spilled the beans here in these court documents saying that all that. That he did was pretty much -- he really wasn't there as much as you would finger that he should have been they have -- we're hearing set for later this month but it is getting nasty to say. The least I hope you didn't do some things I didn't show that didn't send the plane it was reported that he sent her way to get there faster -- that. Must quit and when they were Larry said he he really did treat this kid has his own so even though you know he was -- be the -- -- it was stepson so. You don't want to leave custody battles get nasty but -- -- some of those details of true. Does not make us -- look to goodwill. -- definitely. Well. We've all been talking about Rupert Sanders that director of Snow White and the Huntsman who had that little -- affair with Christians doing. New rule -- girl half his age well he was apparently. Perhaps set to direct the sequel this was his first -- -- you know this was his first movie he was directing. These commercials he wasn't some big time rush hour here now all of -- -- he has this affair with Kristen Stewart Annie wants his wife -- you know his wife -- liberty Ross who's a model by the way you want to keep me you are not going to direct Betsy black state. Think you thank you wife liberty Ross -- why should he be allowed to direct the sequel with this girl who can't -- I think that's a fair demand that's a fair debate can't -- more than -- -- -- -- the fox that it did not have married me -- after right to stay that. But no where -- what I was lucky because we're not Michael Phelps has once -- Says you gonna retire after these Olympics after shattering the record was decorated Olympian of all time. You can imagine who's coming after him next yet TV networks want to -- to be a sports commentator. Perhaps cover the Olympics in 2016. After he gets done obviously -- and London here so. Primitive portion just salivating over this he's gonna make a gazillion dollars as everyone. Is it's going -- NBC has the right -- Olympics through which 120 so there maybe the drivers -- with this whole thing either way he. He's getting paid you'll see what -- easier to. He going to retire -- convinced that. Never ghost busters who. On its luster as well apparently there's going to be another another ghost hunter ghostbusters three Dan -- -- has signed onto a flat. Bill Mary will not be featured this time and I've got to tell you how -- Is it ghostbusters about -- and negative. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Bill Clinton apparently -- radar online has turned to a new way to relax relieve stress not what you think -- he actually turned to Buddhist meditation here in addition to turning to begin the he says. We've got meditation private class with a Buddhist -- helps him to relax -- -- Clinton got scared after his heart scare -- years -- that says that's how he now is relaxing so. Where are the interns.

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{"id":16919534,"title":"Usher's Wife Says that He Faked Sympathy","duration":"3:00","description":"In court papers Usher?s estranged wife says that all sympathy for dying stepson was faked.","url":"/WNN/video/ushers-wife-faked-sympathy-16919534","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}