Valentine's Day 2013: How to Analyze Date Night

Modern-day matchmakers setup a real-life date and ABC News' Lana Zak has the results.
3:36 | 02/14/13

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Transcript for Valentine's Day 2013: How to Analyze Date Night
Well if you do not have a Valentine today there are real life Cubans -- give you a little help them. And we have a look inside the world of professional matchmaking ABC's -- does -- It's your share their secrets to find the perfect to me it's -- and you have to fill us in on -- -- -- yesterday we took you inside matchmaking school learning all of their tricks about bringing people together. And this morning we revealed the matchmaker is less -- not only important for dating but useful for life. This is not the story of boy meets girl it's a story of boy -- matchmaker. Our boy in this love story Camden he's hired Lisa claimed that to find just the girl for him -- who's -- and and generous and nice. And sweet guy with a single rose for -- his blind date. -- to have never spoken never -- Both wondering will this be a home run romance or a striking out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Fall in love they. In fact modern day -- -- so read on some clients paid tens of 1001. Reason. No coach and this club. Three -- three years the alpha female. Feel like she can did not give the word -- accomplishment for the life her indecisive -- He won't make the plans he won't strike out and say okay this is what -- -- Actually that kind of you've just got to at least -- decides of the movie then didn't they want immediate gratification. Should somebody clean drinking -- So there are no rules about that I think it's fine to -- the -- the next day and say thank you want the guy if they pay at a great time. -- -- -- They're so many -- I think Conning emailing so many options so you -- You -- and -- so some people are major taxpayers summer Hong Kong people on some our email. The problem with tax thing isn't so easy to shoot up attacks that people start going text crazy and so how did our love birds do. You looked. -- -- You I love your -- I think it was very appropriate there was a point where you actually -- backing crossed her arms and seemed very far from her. I know what it is not where it is actually did -- -- and when I did it. But my my arms across the generic products that -- I'm told us to -- actually even go out again as long as we don't -- them with our cameras. And you know Robin Diane after spending all this time with matchmaker I feel like -- most heavily Cuban links so watch out America. I had a terrible track record. It's not a good -- -- don't know I'm banned from the setting my friend that anymore. We care about the we have to ask you -- -- -- -- -- commercial -- about how you that your husband the last a half years mind has been so -- we -- on -- tortured friendships when both of -- sort of had our -- on the other. And after a couple of years of just being friends we found herself caught in a rainstorm when -- automatic sprinklers came on we. Died laughing and we chiropractor I finally said why aren't you in love with me and he said what makes you think that I'm not. Com. The man is the second this or any my parents are still standing on that once again that's -- -- -- -- -- happy balance -- Absent. That's hurting person to bring us the story that you didn't think he -- -- -- matter something's not.

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{"id":18498546,"title":"Valentine's Day 2013: How to Analyze Date Night","duration":"3:36","description":"Modern-day matchmakers setup a real-life date and ABC News' Lana Zak has the results.","url":"/WNN/video/valentines-day-2013-analyze-date-night-18498546","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}