Valentine's Day 2013: Men's Fashion Tips

ABC News' Molly Hunter gets expert fashion advice on how your special man can dress to impress.
3:07 | 02/13/13

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Transcript for Valentine's Day 2013: Men's Fashion Tips
But being a sharp dressed man of course is always important but especially on Valentine's Day when -- on -- first skater. Whether you've been married for years. And get it right look at actually easier than think. We may be seasonally hundred to get some expert advice on how you can dress to impress welcome -- get -- -- Diane rob good morning at this isn't tough assignment I visited the headquarters of one of the month -- men's magazines for some simple tips. Any guy can -- -- Valentine's Day after -- -- the pressure is on human tragedy. With flowers chocolates and restaurants to think about. They should be used to -- -- -- Where insurgent expert -- guys can't figure out and cast -- director -- -- and -- And should not Wear an amendment out. -- places are and list and -- overwhelming and -- people together to -- we'll treat -- outfit for the average guy. Here we've got to really simple out that the gray leather jacket. A white -- yes you can Wear white jeans. I got my main concern that you totally we've heard it was a really simple sneaker which is another that's fine he's entitled again. Apparently -- something. That that this letter from -- and -- sweater. This is something you could Wear to a restaurant. You can work -- them -- -- you know those kind of areas really of -- you know how much. And I love simplicity -- the really beautiful points what are we don't. And that's -- for your life you're going from the office securities. And that they don't know about that didn't know that the disease itself as the greatest pole operates -- -- country. This is a perfect -- -- that you weren't working with the government -- you weren't. He's still Hershey's definitely professional you know -- that's really. Talking animals probably -- to report the -- and you're thinking back on -- they western go to you know my personal go to my favorite -- At least he didn't innocent and you. For a guy doing your side it's really easy going departments are you get like five really quickly in ten minutes took -- -- -- -- hundred. Those -- and plastics used on Tuesday. So -- when it comes to -- fashion the last is more you need is a good fit some worn jeans are cool sneakers every -- Asking for a lot for men about. I mean and -- only think differently had met with white jeans bullying. Finally the martyr but that -- -- secret navy -- that was that I did let them. Other items to -- -- kids are having absolutely it easy to well what it would have been too much attention -- -- -- goals in a book negative anyway yeah Palin let. You develop -- -- think -- -- and I grabbed my back to. -- -- --

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{"id":18487298,"title":"Valentine's Day 2013: Men's Fashion Tips","duration":"3:07","description":"ABC News' Molly Hunter gets expert fashion advice on how your special man can dress to impress.","url":"/WNN/video/valentines-day-2013-mens-fashion-tips-18487298","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}