Valentine's Day 2013: Looking for the Perfect Romantic Spot

ABC News' Rob Nelson checks out cuisine and the romantic ambiance of La Silhouette.
4:12 | 02/14/13

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Transcript for Valentine's Day 2013: Looking for the Perfect Romantic Spot
-- night out is a full of lay and Applebee's but it that would impress your Valentine. Think -- sweet Lou glad. Visited one of New York city's finest. -- restaurants -- silhouettes in midtown Manhattan where I learned you don't have to be a five star chef to make a meal to remember it's all part of this special edition of insomnia can. I just -- it is Valentine's Day morning lot of folks had big plans big meals bland romantic evening so they want to do dinner. Just like we're making. Snapper and I feel so happy note is basically a technique where. For steaming the fish inside this parchment paper -- so. There really is. All in one day. Back easier I had no culinary skill whatsoever so -- we. You -- we -- it in baby steps here so I can be impressive and romantic later tonight. Step one we get the vegetables. -- -- -- we have some -- Some carrot and -- we're basically gonna toss -- like the salad and put a little bit of salt pepper quickly. What and its prospects virgin olive oil on it I just scallions and -- -- salary so and its house veterans. And then we're gonna start. The basis -- -- -- seasons after resulting in covering both sides here it's -- -- for the fish to vegetables. We just nice time to put a little bit eleven and then one -- He's -- track -- -- -- origami can do this. So -- this method called. -- Hopkins. Later for the -- -- -- -- she. We're gonna. Put in a little bit dry white -- -- -- -- -- -- wrapped. Is slightly -- and we're getting close to the couple days and I forgot my butter but at least as I can just and it's oxidant. So that's that we're -- apartments in the oven like a -- you want a really hot oven four degrees. -- -- -- -- -- -- So now the -- in the oven beginning to smell good -- -- got to get inside this together as well -- a wait -- mean and kill. Castle. We need an onion. He's gonna Dyson -- little garlic is just winter Cahill and is gonna kinda rough chop it. We have some big -- and we Chris -- That's him because his -- may not do this through all hits a quick hits. This this second -- -- and it's gonna toss -- baseball here and we start building a castle. That's some fresh tomatoes is little more risky behavior that yes go there I go -- don't waste of -- -- best friends. In a tough -- when there's no way everything and final step is going to be Macon and nice -- -- full -- -- from -- We have food processors and this is just regular bread -- Parmesan cheese and lots of -- we'll olive oil or canola oil. And it's gonna go -- -- readiness. We have -- this in the -- We're about ten minutes at 300. Visions of the -- -- could have possibly this dish and serve -- the fun part of the night that's right that is there. That's because it's the -- -- can imagine any significant other now being impressed with this. All over the Ingrid. And they -- rest are only. Is listening. And that's my game. -- -- -- -- You don't. Yeah it. Very very good to graduate that immensely noted the only you know Yeltsin never showed a -- that it's fantastic restaurant that a delicious delicious meal so we do have a seem to have something planned. -- I what I do yeah. I gotta pull down -- about yeah yeah gathered to -- -- that --

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{"id":18498394,"title":"Valentine's Day 2013: Looking for the Perfect Romantic Spot","duration":"4:12","description":"ABC News' Rob Nelson checks out cuisine and the romantic ambiance of La Silhouette.","url":"/WNN/video/valentines-day-2013-perfect-romantic-spot-18498394","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}