Valentine's Day Gift Guide

ABC's Tina Trinh reveals thoughtful tech gifts that are way cooler than your usual flowers and chocolates.
4:20 | 02/04/16

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Transcript for Valentine's Day Gift Guide
So flowers and chocolates are nice but if you're looking for something a little more creative there's Valentine's Day. Then you might want to turn to the tech world there are lots of new apps and gadgets. To show that special someone your love it here with robo romantic gift guide as ABC's contributor teen that you bring about it happy -- Valentine's Day the Dow Jones had eight innings so I I have some ideas here. Four digital upgrade to your Valentine's Day gifts this year. And this start off with a really fun app called paper it's really great because that lets you create a digital scrapbook of your relationship. And you can upload doodles and drawings that you have of your artistically inclined. You can upload photos. And even work with their templates and create like a fun time line of your relationship. And basically send it ovals to. Or by email or. Or social media to your local NN's grant was eyewitness some really nice personal touch and I was or how to do that can you have a these pictures on your phone to put that right and make it super easy it's great. So next step are these pillows from snap fox I really love these because you can upload photos from FaceBook and Inkster Graham. And make it into let's tell well it's. Fun get you know ends its personal and their super soft and durable and they have a special going on Valentine's Day right now offer. 20% off in free shipping hey we'll take that yeah right. So. These look like books right yet. But they're actually phone chargers I don't know why in tech gift guides you get phone chargers as if you hide but check this out wow. No merit because. Opposite typical phone charger so they're not ugly they're kind of direction would you have the second used for them up when yeah I think and I wanna read and that he can get us other portable lights and these are actually sold at the museum of modern art they're so pretty that's great it is previous five the spines actually come off and so the charging ports are right in the middle of the house finds race here and cut us to you can get four times more charge for your phone married when you're little and you have a very portable light candlelight tip. Well yes yes so. Next steps are jewelry can never Caligiuri write her Valentine's Day I was in my your bracelet here this is from wise where it's basically a connected bracelet it's Smart jewelry and so it connects to your phone and whenever you get incoming texts or emails calendar reminders yes. You get a vibration. Good news bracelet. And they come in three different styles here really nice presentation to you. About other cool thing about them is if you're ever in danger you can tap three times. In other send a distress signal to your emergency contact. That's actually hiking or doing something out kids and you Friday I really grade so really great idea for it you know the Carol what white girlfriend or wife and your life whose stylish and connect it okay cool. And then. Brutal game battery life which out what really sets them apart from other watches. And you can see right here same idea here in coming notifications. Calls from Europe. Loved one you get all of that on your wrist you get a little bit of news you can control your music. It's a super Smart watch for a thirty day battery life you can't really you can't be fat frank. And then last but not lease out I had customizing experience and Chapman bars and at eleventh primary and yes from a company called swallow my words how. They're great and you can get a box of nine of these custom printed black rings for only. Under 25 dollar brown 25 dollar eased the panel are really great deal here in a really nice way to make. You her juror sweeps. Thanks for your sweeps personalized I like that like the modern day Smart a year or something. You have an economist put it covers the conversational hearts that's exactly yeah. Happy Valentine's a great gift ideas. For who meets roses and you can have techtag. Saying well ABC's check intermediate trend thank you TS so very much. And for a list of all these items it has put her FaceBook page W and and fans dot com. You're watching world news now and a great.

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{"id":36707642,"title":"Valentine's Day Gift Guide","duration":"4:20","description":"ABC's Tina Trinh reveals thoughtful tech gifts that are way cooler than your usual flowers and chocolates. ","url":"/WNN/video/valentines-day-gift-guide-36707642","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}