Vice President Debate 2012: Full Recap

ABC's Karen Travers is in Kentucky where Joe Biden and Paul Ryan met for their only debate.
3:00 | 10/12/12

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Transcript for Vice President Debate 2012: Full Recap
Old politics -- vice presidential debate Joseph Biden and Paul -- and Joseph Biden's friend. -- to you can thank you looking like they were ready for a showdown there were and they delivered sparring over everything from Libya into the economy to Medicare to abortion. -- -- -- -- -- -- Days left until the election the question is to either one managed to -- those all important. Undecided voters ABC's Karen Travers is in Danville Kentucky with more on the big meat steaks -- good morning that Karen. Good morning rob good morning -- they certainly got to a wide range of topics in last night's debate in that was in just ninety minutes -- Vice President Biden and congressman Paul Ryan came ready for battle. Effectively made their arguments but this is no surprise you guys there at home hearing -- -- both sides are claiming victory. His. Vice President Biden congressman Paul Ryan aggressively challenge the other -- his positions it began on foreign policy in last month attack on the American Consulate and Libya. -- Bryant slammed the administration for a slow response. It took the president two weeks. To acknowledge that this was a terrorist attack -- all due respect that's a bunch of Malarkey. Ryan said the Obama administration allowed Iran to get closer to winning a nuclear weapon because this administration has no credibility on this issue. Things in the most crippling sanctions and history of sanctions. President Obama was criticized for being too passive in last week's debate he Vice President Biden seemed determined not to -- -- mystique. But it shouldn't be surprising for guy who says 47%. Of the American people are unwilling to take responsibility -- allies if they pay more effective tax the governor Romney faces federal income tax but -- have you Obama administration's failed the middle class we're going in the wrong direction. Look at where we are. The economy is barely limping along its side by side at the same table -- -- Brian we're not shy about directly engaging each other. Sometimes with harsh attacks sometimes with humor. I think the vice president very well knows but sometimes the words don't -- out of your -- the right -- -- I always say wouldn't -- With the polls tightening the president needs to fire up his democratic base while Romney needs trying convert 2008 Obama voters. And Robin -- last night here -- -- both of them got a lot of help from their running mates. All right Karen. Is it can say that there was aware we Colin Hendry was looking at several -- three X three gave it said to Paul Ryan three gave it. Sued to Joseph Biden was there -- error was his attacks. Yet well there's instant reactions are showing that voters were very evenly split but I think -- you have to pick who really got what they -- -- to get out of this debate it was Vice President Biden the Democrats are very happy because. He basically stopped the bleeding from last week's the present the president performance at last week's debate he did two things very well one he promoted the president's policies and defended the president's record and did it by connecting. With voters. And that's not something that President Obama was able to do last week he also came out very aggressively against Iran needs policies. By going after Paul Ryan very strongly that's also something we didn't see last week from President Obama but and -- really held his own tonight's I think they both did a very effective job. Of course as I said earlier both sides are claiming victory but this is really setting up and -- it going into next week's debate between the president and -- I think draw probably is the best word Karen didn't think from your perspective this. Changes the race -- any significant way yours -- kind of a footnote. -- it's unlikely get a shake up this race in any major way because vice presidential debates don't usually do that remember this is really all about the person the top of the ticket President Obama and Mitt Romney but what this does do is give Democrats a little bit more of a bounce in the step there were some very nervous Democrats over the last week Georgia's so despondent over the president's performance they didn't wanna have to -- -- tonight -- -- president Vice President -- lose. They would be -- for two and there are only four debates three weeks left Italy election they did not want to have to be spinning over the next four days. Why they haven't been able to effectively promote their message is certainly sets up President Obama in next week's debate gives them a little bit more men -- -- effectively stops whatever may -- Mitt Romney had coming out of last week's debate. I am ABC's Karen Travers left -- is there -- Kentucky thank you can't appreciate it. That's sitting. I thought massing apparently -- -- -- good points and on the -- plus side Paul -- definitely stood his own against someone who is. You know forty years experience in government -- the other hand having folks. -- support Obama and sol Angel -- and aggressiveness and a passion and a defense and administration agent did not get from the president not nearly as vigorous of one. Last week so in essence it is a draw the and they both kind of did what they. They had to do and get it all comes back -- -- to Tuesday night and that's really is going to be. Probably the clutch today and Tuesday is to be second presidential debate that's -- be held at -- university. Moderated by another woman -- crash the FC NN it will be a town hall style. Including foreign policy I just was in what what struck me is that it's really split I think they both appeal to their base. I -- from some polls a lot of the women were turned off by at an erupting in and then laughing Joseph Biden but. -- a lot of people calling for for more substance a little bit more explanation. Chris Paul Ryan. On the outside at the -- -- there were turned off by the -- to be it was the most tense question of the night that was one about the role with the religion. And our portion because I -- clearly Paul Ryan made it clear that he's he has pro life and -- even very -- things right on said look. You know I in my personal life yes I accept the Catholic church's teachings on this -- -- -- it imposes that. Or anybody else I'm watching a network when they do -- kind of -- committee. Pulling the economy is in response from undecided voters in his -- July's mark remarks have very high. -- poor ratings when he said that so. An interesting they have all the way around so stage is set for Tuesday yep and that veep debate -- -- -- -- this morning faced the question we want. You know who you thought won the debate you can win at WN advance dot com.

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{"id":17461047,"title":"Vice President Debate 2012: Full Recap","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Karen Travers is in Kentucky where Joe Biden and Paul Ryan met for their only debate.","url":"/WNN/video/vice-president-debate-2012-full-recap-17461047","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}