Vice President Pence says second wave concerns are 'overblown'

This comes as 20 states are seeing a rise in coronavirus cases. ABC News’ Alex Presha reports.
2:19 | 06/17/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Vice President Pence says second wave concerns are 'overblown'
Now to the latest on a corona virus pandemic vice president Mike Pence says concerns about a second wave are overblown. It comes as infections hit record highs in six states. Here's ABC's Alex for Shea. This morning vice president has responded to reports the country is seeing a resurgence of the virus writing such a pandemic is over blown. In an op Ed with the Wall Street Journal titled there isn't a corona virus second wave paints thinks president trump for his leadership during the pandemic. Writing we are winning the fight against the invisible enemy. Adding the truth is whatever the media says. Our hold America approach has been a success. The vice president did not mentioned it's when he states were Cates is of the virus or on the rise or not shutting down. You know we're gonna go forward in Florida at nearly 3000 new cases were reported Tuesday. The largest single day spike since the beginning of the pandemic but the governor says portal will not be shutting down again he attributes to spiked to increases in testing. We really expanded the drive through in the walk up sites now we have pop up sites at retail locations. And and that's thousands and thousands and thousands of test today. In northeast org and a new outbreak of more than 200 cases linked to one church and in Texas Tuesday up fifth consecutive days of rising hospitalizations. The governor saying the rise in cases there is likely due to people not social distancing there are certain counties. Where they majority of the people who were tested positive in that counting. Or under the age of thirty. In this typically results from. People going to the bar type settings. And now a new study boosting hopes for treatment doctors at Oxford University say they found the first drug and improve survival rates in the sickest patients a low cost comments here Roy cut the risk of death by 13 for patients on violators and reduced deaths by 20% for those on oxygen. As for president trumps rally ends hole so this weekend Oklahoma's health commissioner is urging anyone who claims which tend to get tested first. And he's urging anyone over the age of 65. To stay home burial. Alex thank you in just a few minutes we'll have more on the impact of that's fair right you heard Alex talking about. And what it could mean for reducing Kobe nineteen deaths also our medical expert weighs in on a rising number of young adults. Getting infected.

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{"duration":"2:19","description":"This comes as 20 states are seeing a rise in coronavirus cases. ABC News’ Alex Presha reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"71293997","title":"Vice President Pence says second wave concerns are 'overblown'","url":"/WNN/video/vice-president-pence-wave-concerns-overblown-71293997"}