Vice Presidential Debate Analysis

ABC's Deputy Political Director Shushannah Walshe takes us inside the moments that made the VP debate.
3:54 | 10/05/16

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Transcript for Vice Presidential Debate Analysis
Ronald Reagan said something really interesting about nuclear proliferation back in the 1980s he said the problem with nuclear proliferation. Here's that some Fuller maniac. Could trigger a catastrophic of that. And I think that's a governor passes running made us exactly who President Reagan warned us senator. Senator there was even beneath you and Hillary Clinton and that fits pretty low. What do you think of that was one of the many. Intense exchanges last night during the only vice presidential debate and it was one that was more energetic that many expect it. I didn't seem to pull many kinds and as you can see an ABC news deputy political director of shuttle loss is here to break it all down for thanks so much for bringing him here at what do you make of that candidates styles last night because they seemed very different thing could work so different. Could be more different yet so Mike Pence was more about com what choice to calm demeanor and teen teen teen Tiffany I eat. I think both of them more effective because. Of course might consist top of the ticket is quite feisty I think she was trying to reassure voters who are not sold on Donald Trump. Is that he is a steady calm choice. Where Tim Kaine want to remind viewers of who the top of the ticket is that of Donald Trump of what the controversial comments he's made. Over during the course of this campaign announced Friday he said them over and over. It almost seemed as if Cain was channeling trimmed from the last debate ten pence channel and you Hillary Clinton. What did you how effective for the styles acting thing were affected I think that. There are a lot of voters out there that are worried about both choices Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. So it's I think for Mike Pence he really needed to assure. Voters backed. He is convened a steady each we support that ticket but first pretension she sold Hillary Clinton to the voting public. But he also would walk the fight. And at one common already getting a lot of attention this morning is when asked about one of Trump's comments on abortion Mike Pence said that. Donald Trump is an a polished politician. Given how many people distrust politicians you think that works for them or could that comment come back to haunt him I think that being said this a lot. Through this past campaign and I think a lot of voters who like that that's when Donald Trump's. Voters are so loyal put it this clean win just over thirty gains from the campaign. I think that the voters are worried about Donald Trump want more those polished politician comments as those other comments have been getting in trouble even up to last week. And speaking of comments it was so many interest in moments last night what did you see. Think stood out the most or one of them moments I think that people will be talking about remembering are on the back and forth over him. This in sold its revenge campaign mode that Kim Kim might have threatening each other rich and so driven campaigns. And at my house is trying to turn it around on the Clinton and Cain campaign which is. Of course contracting because they insult some really been a hallmark of Donald Trump but his campaign so much so that even shorten this debate. Donald Trump was Leach needing support isn't of his on Twitter that were insulting Tim Kaine as actually Hillary Clinton to clean out by. Tweeting that at that hearing just. Yet during the debate. I think it's a hard argument are Mike Pence to get away from absolutely and etc. affect how do you think this all impact the race now with a defeatist. I think that if there's no clear winner from the second the big both to keen to do what they had to do. For Tim Kaine he and could Hillary Clinton has a bump from that last campaign he wants to continue that moment momentum. I'm from Mike Pence she wants to assure voters that. This is a steady choice for a vote of. ABC's deputy political director for channel off thanks for being here with us anytime.

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{"duration":"3:54","description":"ABC's Deputy Political Director Shushannah Walshe takes us inside the moments that made the VP debate. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"42593839","title":"Vice Presidential Debate Analysis","url":"/WNN/video/vice-presidential-debate-analysis-42593839"}