The View from Late Night Comics

Kimmel, Letterman and Colbert give their take on the events of the week.
6:10 | 02/24/12

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Transcript for The View from Late Night Comics
A late night comics were closely following this week's twists and turns in the races for president their take on politics now in your Friday funnies. Last night at a White House reception our president Barack Obama saying it. Duet with BB king. Last night -- -- were Ron Paul. Fund raiser. Yes Ron Paul. Loud supporters with a performance of his own watch this. Folks. Last night was the twentieth GOP presidential debate last night's big winner. Was Mitt Romney. Really -- -- victory was his answer to John king's final question what is. The biggest misconception. About you in the public debate right now we're gonna have to have dramatic fundamental change in Washington DC. We're gonna have to create more jobs have less debt and shrink the size of government. I'm that the only person -- misconception about the criticism is presented a lack of you could ask questions you want I get it and give the answers I want. -- -- asked way to go to. No you can give what ever answers you want who cares with -- question was. Rick Santorum has been doing surprisingly well as the party's -- and that would Mitt Romney and some polls actually have him in the lead his message is resonating with conservative voters and isn't afraid to speak passionately about the things he cares about. The reason I think we're doing while on this campaign. It's because we're being available to the American public no teleprompters. No written speeches. The opportunity to see what's in here. What's up here. So what's -- And here. It's.

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{"id":15781672,"title":"The View from Late Night Comics","duration":"6:10","description":"Kimmel, Letterman and Colbert give their take on the events of the week.","url":"/WNN/video/view-late-night-comics-15781672","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}