Vogue Tell-All: How Models Stay Thin

A former Vogue editor writes a book detailing how models maintain their tiny figures.
2:54 | 04/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Vogue Tell-All: How Models Stay Thin
All right first up in -- mix -- disturbing -- to tell you about on this Wednesday morning models start themselves. But we already knew that we anyway yeah okay now here's what's different about -- apparently -- -- Australia editor Krista Clement. Has been fired and -- she's coming up with her book called the vote factor and in this book she is doing -- how -- where she is talking about. Headed models who Natalie starve themselves but apparently to face any of that resort to eating tissues -- -- Alex I think Kleenex to make themselves feel awful. But -- And this is obviously -- haven't let this would mark you know the well -- -- there might be one -- Atlanta and that's going a little too far so anyway she. She recounts all kinds of things she and she's being completely blunt about it. One occasion where she said that she saw top model not even one single meal in a three -- -- And basically what she -- issue you know you that you can have all of these issues but so long as it continued to get booked it doesn't matter you're citing their right -- completely start. Because -- at least getting more -- she really the first one there was another one. Back in 2006. Edward Jones and a benefit for saying about -- fashion apple on also said -- -- seen some. These models and laxatives and diet -- a regular basis to maintain -- 00. This -- change that culture that is -- the skinny little Kleenex to you know little chili pepper salt and peppers with some other artists also. Are. Finding -- which would be the sequel Finding Nemo how does this it's gonna happen Finding -- great movie made a ton of money for Disney our parent company. But anyway by ignoring its going to be released since when he fifteen and Ellen the generous it's gonna play -- again and she's so funny she says that went along on long long time for this I'm not mad -- took this long and -- the people at Pixar busy creating Toy Story sixteen. We rated sounds like it's gonna be really funny 2051 of my candidate film picks up where -- -- to get pulled the -- fish left off in the balance is trying to reunite with loved ones. I'll regret he had going to be OK some other story for you what what are those what are they thinking categories. Israeli airplanes are trying to come up with ways to make more ground so they can make more money yeah that they can put in marching on. So that -- the size of the already small laboratories how big and small I don't know happened. It's really an internal it's already 3.3 Delta Airlines is the person coming up -- -- How to make it even smaller -- everybody history -- -- that it is now cattle. Kind of crazy you know -- now and then people get sick and there -- when they what you gonna do when your you know X. This is very interesting in the end of -- expert and expert predicts that males will become extinct in five million years in the process is already under way. And to cut the bottom might get ten seconds something about our chromosomes is gonna phases out between still reproduced but -- characteristics started. -- -- -- --

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{"id":18868097,"title":"Vogue Tell-All: How Models Stay Thin","duration":"2:54","description":"A former Vogue editor writes a book detailing how models maintain their tiny figures.","url":"/WNN/video/vogue-models-stay-thin-18868097","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}