The Next New Fad: Watermelon Water

ABC News' Nikki Battiste finds out if watermelon water can help your love life – among other things.
3:48 | 04/25/14

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Transcript for The Next New Fad: Watermelon Water
All right there is a new -- that just about every day one of the hottest ones right now is it cool summer drinks cold watermelon juice. Now from -- that -- rather say that it has a long list of benefits and ABC's making the -- Has been putting an end to the test really excited about best -- if you don't like the taste of -- no water there's a solution. Watermelon water it's the next big thing on the market and listen up fellows this one may be for you. There it is. Beautiful bright pink. Move over coconut water watermelon water has arrived this hot -- claims to -- him so weak in your sex life with color liquid how does this help in the bedroom and we have a very high -- -- consistently been our practice it's really benefit now from Niagara. Even beyoncé is singing about this -- -- -- drinking watermelon and her song drunken love. Co-founder and CEO Jodi Levy says -- products benefits extends beyond the bedroom. And people in the night -- world I want us like kids we had you ever hangover and -- injuring have a variety turning covered disappeared in ten minutes. Hang over here -- over here. It's cold pressed and consists of only a watermelons flesh and nutrition packed Ryan. With -- -- of -- lemon. There and he added sugars and -- and water at all. There's no matter their water -- there's no additive that there's no chemicals there's nothing. -- -- to fight cancer lower blood pressure and give you twice the potassium of a banana. All this for only sixty calories a serving motives that the biggest benefit of water on water is number one it's low in calories. It does contain a 100% of -- days I didn't see in this bottle. -- at lastly it is a great source of lycopene which is a an anti oxidant. In the prevention of prostate cancer but all this goodness comes at a hefty price. At this whole foods it's 539. Model I don't think any guy -- would probably tell you this person's. You know and missile or anything that would even be a question and hey if fiance is drinking it we probably should see you -- like it. If you put if I told -- that it also Switzerland beat out. Would veto. A hooded he helps -- in the bedroom -- the awesome. It's not that I need to help men featuring -- You can order the watermelon water off the company's website and they shipped worldwide. John and and I wanted to give it tried to shake it up for -- shake it like you say -- company Ed is right there on the cap are really excited about this because I've been waiting for this moment he didn't let me tasted before hands. -- -- -- The jackets had listened to the actually need to be acquired taste -- adjusting to the grind -- -- -- -- the -- -- -- would not just pure -- instead Ryan is loaded with nutrition facts I think it is it's moderately sweet it's a little bit different. Who's drinking -- You know we -- some kids tried on the street they loved that they simpler way to orange juice and apple -- -- and the company said they have had some NBA and NFL trainers. Ordering the watermelon water color the guy on the street -- says not that I needed. I doubt about -- this and I'm. I -- a -- that's a mistake this. This is great so there's no sugar but it does taste a little -- that's obviously -- the -- of the watermelon how this is different from coconut water and why should people be looking at this and instead. They're comparable in calories and sugar this has no added sugar it's just the -- from the watermelon but the biggest benefit is that the cancer fighting anti oxidant. And it you know and that you -- clinical and water and I think most people might think this seems a little bit better -- does -- really states acting governor and mine happened during that thing down there except -- -- -- is thank you Mickey Mickey thank you fight coming up. Disguising a pregnancy announcement -- -- Taylor swift's own right to mix and here Friday -- coming up next.

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{"id":23465830,"title":"The Next New Fad: Watermelon Water","duration":"3:48","description":"ABC News' Nikki Battiste finds out if watermelon water can help your love life – among other things.","url":"/WNN/video/watermelon-water-boosts-libido-23465830","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}