Take a look at some of the top stories that made headlines over the weekend, including the rising pressure to change Florida's gun laws.
2:57 | 02/26/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for WEEKEND REWIND: Gun reform
Well it was a historic weekend in the world of curling as the 23 Winter Olympics came to a close it was awesome and the wild weather. And where the politics politics kept. Everyone busy here in our weekend realigned. A former top advisor. The trump campaign Rick gates pleading guilty and late today after that plea we have just learned of new charges against Paul metaphor. Prosecutors accuse gates and metaphors. Secretly funneling 75 million dollars its offshore accounts and in failing to pay taxes on more than thirty million dollars up. The special counsel's office say much of the money came from Ukrainian officials with close ties to Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin. Democrats firing back everybody gay Republican memo. Alleging the FBI abused it's powers and Russia investigation despite Donald Trump when he was a presidential candidate. Emotions as teachers returned to their classrooms for the first time on the same day the Republican governor of Florida announced his plan to stem gun violence Rick Scott. Raising the minimum age to by all firearms including assault rifles like the one used by nineteen year old Nicholas Cruz. We will require all individuals purchasing firearms between one Arnold. Records show deputies responded to eighteen calls related to cruise before the shooting ABC news also obtained the transcript of the tipster called the FBI last month. The woman thing Cruz was quoted going to explode if she was worried about him giving it to a school petitioning the police stopped. The FBI admitted that he failed to follow up on that tip. Across the heartland underwater and right now twelve states under severe weather alerts in Dallas roads washed out. In water as far as the eye can see in Kentucky this parking lot in Duluth swallow. Days of rain here Arkansas head up many roads impassable dozens of them just like this here in white county. Team skipper John Shuster leading a ragtag squad of American's past heavily favored Sweden. Shuster had been posted from the sport after the last Olympics. Clawed back breaking a tie with the double knockout in the eighth then. To seal hunt gold for the US it's the first goal for the US in the history of the sport. So where we didn't get any recruiting call now now I don't know. Not a well that the USA team is like now will pass. That's at December. This is ABC's world news now in forming and sound effects for two decades.

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"Take a look at some of the top stories that made headlines over the weekend, including the rising pressure to change Florida's gun laws. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"53356146","title":"WEEKEND REWIND: Gun reform","url":"/WNN/video/weekend-rewind-gun-reform-53356146"}