'Weird' Al Yankovic Tour

ABC's Barry Mitchell interviews Al Yankovic during his ALPOCALYPSE Tour.
2:23 | 10/28/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Weird' Al Yankovic Tour
We all know that -- in that time at a Friday morning I'm very very special what. Boom favorites are they your last one miles and -- -- that he's gonna lead us to this week's poll. You don't want to miss this -- -- Mitchell recently met up with the one and only weird now to top -- and life on the road. -- at the Paramount theater in Huntington Long Island New York weird -- Yanukovich is coming through here on his Al apocalypse tour. I feel like that an accordion player who seems funny songs. I'm gonna wait for him by the stage door and I'll teach him. I'll teach him all right valuable teaching the world news -- -- what I -- poke up. Military sorry. I -- they also have some fun -- pound OK you say do like Barry and like now we didn't know. At one according it is to another we are -- yes you have problems with taking. I do I -- doing -- I I had two actually shave off part of my chest and that it wouldn't interfere with the accordion on his. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As the community -- the rock star life. -- they really really got traffic up buses that sound checks yes we -- deli tray -- stage with she's gotten triangular shapes. Everything a rock star -- -- But it's gonna be tough like you with your family did the -- go home after a few weeks or he didn't want to come visit me like they tomorrow my wife and daughter visiting me. We try to -- more than two weeks for that thing for that yet that's the hard part about being on the earth like I have -- does have a quality time through. Skype and facetime and on the laptop. Your daughter's eight years. Is it really cool for her to be the daughter of -- -- -- -- had me how she treated -- school -- -- -- -- she you know we go to school on LA's whether there are other like celebrity parents and your school and he she none on the symphony do for living and I I think she enjoys it she likes. She like to but she's very grounded -- degrees in -- and I know I I think that she's going to be fine with catchy here. The tail end to -- -- -- for the first time. If they have to. Miss the -- it's coming out on dvd and Blu-ray you know what actually -- -- kids check weird Al dot com it's a one stop Al shop.

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{"id":14832403,"title":"'Weird' Al Yankovic Tour","duration":"2:23","description":"ABC's Barry Mitchell interviews Al Yankovic during his ALPOCALYPSE Tour.","url":"/WNN/video/weird-al-yankovic-tour-14832403","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}