West Virginia University is the Top Party School

The Princeton Review releases the list of top party schools in the United States.
3:00 | 08/21/12

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Transcript for West Virginia University is the Top Party School
I'm holding it in my hands and it is hot off the press. She party schools. Of this -- -- -- who. Getting drunk right now I'll tell us all you got bumped. It never street -- new party school for the first time in five years. West Virginia university of mountaineers. -- -- they're doing that saying they are getting hate admired him. These school is dismissing it. This survey by the Princeton Review. Plus other that's in the active student at the most beautiful campus Florida southern best career services north eastern. Universities in Massachusetts -- have to keep this good. Bow down and I think that right in Maine -- how the -- Washington university's best athletic facilities be US military academy. Stone cold sober. So sober school -- why do you remember what Wheaton countless numbers of cedar hill university because we are dry campus didn't even make the top twenty. Really can't think it's crazy at cedar -- I have. -- Did you enjoy drive -- experience. -- that I don't I -- I can't relate to them. I wouldn't Jeff will lose not to say -- -- -- adhere to the rules for forty years got -- That the very diplomatic -- -- -- -- This story isn't a lot of equipment report because it comes from the daily tar heel my whole ecology -- -- I didn't -- for was editor of my senior year but it barely did you wait -- see how. Cop cars are college's student stores and a real Wal-Mart starting September the first. -- -- -- -- -- I love and actually Michigan State University. Florida State University University of Arkansas and University of Georgia all part of the campaign -- -- a football season late night snacks okay. Anyway the very few weeks next month common there are selected for any period in those areas -- those goals go eat some delicious local -- enjoy yourself -- That you daily tar -- best colleges -- the country for reporting. That's I think you're going to be getting some pop tarts and -- -- OK bring them feel good kids there is -- physiological treat today disintegrated news -- they say that. Flavors that are found -- feel good foods like chocolate and -- you're drinking. Are chemically similar to mood enhancing drugs and have a very similar -- the molecules and talk about a variety of theories. Very Sheila Bair is right love actually Kelly -- -- Anyway everybody. Net DR -- -- I love it NY yankees come into this -- -- -- -- -- with -- crowd here Russian authorities have abandoned and river race involving competitors gliding down the water on inflatable sex dolls shall we say it was banned because of road work in high waters -- with a government -- only opposition but no sex all race. In -- -- couldn't keep it afloat.

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{"id":17047071,"title":"West Virginia University is the Top Party School","duration":"3:00","description":"The Princeton Review releases the list of top party schools in the United States.","url":"/WNN/video/west-virginia-university-top-party-school-17047071","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}