Whitney Houston's Daughter Hints at Engagement

Bobbi Kristina hints at engagement to Gordon, her adopted brother.
3:00 | 10/12/12

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Transcript for Whitney Houston's Daughter Hints at Engagement
All right so. We -- a -- for a long time that Whitney Houston's daughter Bobbi -- it might have a relationship with her adopted brother. That it -- brought in usage he was a troubled years younger adopted him into the family so we've been hearing this. -- for very long time being since February that there were possibilities of an engaged manager that they were dating. Well now they have this new reality show called Houston's. On our round and it's going to debut October 24 and in some of the Teamsters she used her deep cleansing and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and her adopted -- Men get hurt and -- it says engaged -- this is unacceptable. Your lover in Houston adopted -- -- when he was just twelve years old. But these rumors that float around for awhile a lot of people wondering whether or not it is legitimate and he didn't sign -- the show debuts that I territory for a I would. Would be surprised loses to sell public -- -- right but. -- baby even tweet didn't. In the past tweets that didn't make you wonder like nagging night we're going it's time for us to go to -- And they've always put that out there that they might -- -- so I mean there's no blood but this is creepy you know I mean insists but I didn't have friends and I. It was her stepbrother and they ended -- -- there's no blood and rail yeah -- -- Talk obnoxious -- on the network folks also a rapper got arrested for having drugs stunning. News on this Friday morning. This time it was in LA apparently he was and -- stand down in Texas. And they found a lot of stuff on this -- 36 bags of heroin more than ten pounds -- we have 45 caliber pistol. Apparently one -- on the bus -- Brian Keith Jones he took responsibility he was arrested the -- Politico that according to GMC. All the people that -- in the same area including Willie Nelson's new don't even more stunning and Fiona Apple Agnelli spoke out saying. It's my understanding and a member of my staff made an unfortunate decision to bring a -- materials on north -- -- that resulted in his arrest. This morning all this went down I think I earlier this week going on Wednesday so busted yet again. Now fresh out she. Well when you write that New York City Subway system here vowing to always find something interesting -- a lot of times here's some interesting musical renditions or being quite like this take a lesson. The one I don't. Spring up performing Jesse's -- at Manhattan's Penn Station he's asking all of his Twitter followers to follow him. -- -- -- is going to be of course he's promoting his latest album songs for the into the mountains was released. On Tuesday that what I'm nice treat to hear the results daisy in the subway last William Everett down -- there's -- wave as they should did -- me to get people. --

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{"id":17461131,"title":"Whitney Houston's Daughter Hints at Engagement ","duration":"3:00","description":"Bobbi Kristina hints at engagement to Gordon, her adopted brother.","url":"/WNN/video/whitney-houstons-daughter-hints-engagement-17461131","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}