Whitney Houston's Fans Unhappy

Find out which tabloid the former pop diva's fans are upset with.
7:24 | 02/24/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Whitney Houston's Fans Unhappy
Welcome back everybody. More fallout from Whitney Houston's memorial this one involving the national party may have already heard this story earlier this week but on Wednesday apparently what. The newspaper published was a photo. I'm Whitney Houston in her casket from the private family -- that took place the day before the funeral here no one knows who. Posted -- -- was not gonna show it here. But this game was taken to the private viewing -- apparently shows her claims the newspapers she was buried in half a million dollars worth of jewels. -- -- slippers on her feet according to the newspaper. How long with a purple dress that she was wearing a brooch pinned her -- and parents and sparkling earrings ads as well it. Prompted a pretty nasty backlash on Twitter -- of people calling his -- -- and tasteless and and so and so forth but. You know the thing is it. When celebrities go you know what I hated her lover whatever there's -- money in those things whoever was -- that that -- in the private giving up their. The event as unsettling as close family friends close family friend so much of that picture and -- probably got paid a lot of money for that photo. Pretty disgusting pretty tasteless -- the woman rest in peace finally biting someone's always passionate when your things it's -- Speaking at tasteless and Chris Browne your favorite celebrity not a fan. I'm so he's apparently under investigation in South Florida for incident that happened over the -- -- -- -- he still on probation for beating Rihanna. But -- -- the incident happened at a club. Early Sunday a woman approached him as he was an about the -- regularly with some friends she wanted to snap a photo what I found he reached out grabbed it says he. High teens would ever fill in the blanks -- want to prevent a website -- get seven now he could face serious repercussions. If at least to a criminal case my last march she blew up on the seven GMA -- a cheered a window ripped off their shirt trashing dressing room. -- after that Tokyo and now fair game. -- friends of Chris product Rihanna because we we're hearing that there's -- potential reconciliation going -- noted collaborate a couple of -- -- -- sources try to keep them apart. Chris -- strong feelings for her she's head over heels for him. As one source said he can't hold back love -- -- keep hold back -- -- and she is playing with fire he punched her choked her and bitter. Playing with fire Rihanna. Heidi thanks very talented guy but some anger management is an issue telling you need some people some better people around him I think -- a lot going on -- -- -- They've taken a big risk so. You -- risk -- -- -- everyone's favorite -- -- debutantes here Paris -- apparently has already found this so many ads released a new video. For her solve the -- -- -- -- have been released are trying to find out who did it. And one of the great lyrics here he asked me if he can actually after the club he has -- others out of pocket I say sure I'm too lazy to type so I sent a photo I took up a dancer's skirt. Here's Paris and all her glory and her new video accounts.

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{"id":15781632,"title":"Whitney Houston's Fans Unhappy","duration":"7:24","description":"Find out which tabloid the former pop diva's fans are upset with.","url":"/WNN/video/whitney-houstons-fans-unhappy-15781632","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}