New wildfires force evacuations in Southern California

With the flames fueled by strong winds, the National Weather Service had to declare an extreme red flag warning for the first time ever. ABC News’ Kenneth Moton reports.
2:48 | 10/31/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New wildfires force evacuations in Southern California
We begin with a breaking news from the sort firefight in California another wildfire exploded overnight forcing mandatory evacuation south of Los Angeles. Six mill can be seen billowing over the area. This new fire comes authorities issue a warning that they've never had to issue before. Overnight new wild fires erupting in Southern California. This fire south of Los Angeles forced evacuations. With flames fueled by the strongest winds to hit this area in more than a decade the situation so dire the National Weather Service issued an extreme red flag warning. For the first time ever. The win so powerful it blew over me grades K eight. Gusts topping seventy miles per hour is Simi Valley. As the so called easy fire ignited Wednesday. Coming within thirty yards of the Ronald Reagan presidential library. Could see the full Arabs appear as well. As it's inching closer and closer. For the library the landmark is where the former president and First Lady Nancy Reagan are now buried. Inside the building Air Force One and a dozen people sheltering employees as flames raced up the hills and employee describes what those firefighters saved. We have an actual Air Force One airplane on display that care Kevin US presidents every speech Ronald Wright Reagan every T gave every hand written note every memo. Every photograph ever taken of him there's. So many price cliff items within our walls light and I couldn't even name a mall. Ground crews also worked fiercely to protect thousands of houses in jeopardy be tried to save them all like. We just can't always be in the right place right time home orders jumped and some using buckets trying desperately to douse the flames. Others scrambling to get themselves and their terrified animals to safety we grabbed the trailers and took off. In Riverside County another wildfire created this apocalyptic look you've seen. Dozens of people in wheelchairs evacuated from a nursing home like you did by blinding smoke. In this morning you concerns about other fires burning in the state. The largest the can keep fire's Sonoma County has now destroyed more than 76000. Acres. Bernie down more than 130 homes. The historic firefight taking its tool on emergency personnel the evidence seen on these that your county sheriff's deputies covered empire retarded. And for the fire partisan battling the flames some are working 26 hour shifts and haven't been home since Sunday. We ought families. What do you say when you leave to head out and multiple days now it's what day. For the damaged. Families around here. Know that we are important. And we're thing about all those firefighters and those impacted this morning. More heavy winds are expected in Southern California today.

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{"duration":"2:48","description":"With the flames fueled by strong winds, the National Weather Service had to declare an extreme red flag warning for the first time ever. ABC News’ Kenneth Moton reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"66658350","title":"New wildfires force evacuations in Southern California","url":"/WNN/video/wildfires-force-evacuations-southern-california-66658350"}