Will Ferrell's Election-Day Promise

Will Ferrell promises to eat garbage and hair if you get out and vote.
3:00 | 11/05/12

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Transcript for Will Ferrell's Election-Day Promise
-- what are my favorite actors and arson that Will Ferrell funnyman and -- -- -- and laughed master he'll do anything that he has absolutely no shame of course today he has just released a political video. It just seeking everybody to get out the vote and make sure that you vote on Election Day here's what he says he will deal. If you vote. If you vote all eat anything you tell me to garbage -- human toenails underpants -- -- I'll do it I'm serious I'll do anything to get you to vote a punch myself in the -- I don't care whatever it takes. Just go to the polls on November 6 and looked. Food and good at all he Italy will -- that -- -- -- regardless that -- Yelled and if you agree to vote in Michigan election -- personally -- you attack to fairly long warning I do not know how to draw its truth. And I. -- -- he's endorsing Obama and race but I think in general mrs. there was just. Does not go vote go out their creator retired David Goudie townhouse in. -- -- The big story one of the big stories here in New York -- of course was the New York. -- marathon first time ever and the race's history that they canceled and now Bloomberg has all happened and then act pressured backlash really began to now have -- canceled its Friday. This kind of stuff for people who would literally travel around the world -- in a high -- -- hotel rooms all that's return to a and so big mess here and -- and really had divided the cities they said look we're and cancel it and donate office supplies and resources for the race to. Sandy victims -- to -- made a lot of sense but some celebrities decided to. To each week -- their thoughts here Joy Behar from the view. Wrote in a woody need to cancel Sunday's New York City Marathon that can't be true Paul line already announced that he wanted -- cells that -- Obviously partisan and joke there Jimmy Kimmel road and we love -- here on the show he's on running in New York City Marathon anyway I'm going to win. -- energy stolen burglars -- just a week she's still with us something in new York and Ireland -- last just last week god grants will be back home Jimmy then also smokey. Everyone's favorite stars he -- I've been. Goatee and help the people's. That canceled -- New York City Marathon due to a public uproar he. -- feel accomplished. I do thank you Snooki for all of them but almost time that I think you know. There was no right side to that to do I think the air -- in the timing stone but I think they -- on the side of sensitivity it's you know. What there had been through in the and the devastation in the property in the lives lost so we'll see that that it will continue to rage but there it is. -- -- the people that are in Iraq -- actually taken some of the hotel rooms from those that truly needed them because they were. Evacuated because of -- here is yes. Our right -- -- so -- since then Jessica Simpson's father. Her parents are getting divorced -- -- -- last month Arthur any person rumors that the reason for the divorce was that. He was hanging around with with guys in -- he was living -- gay lifestyle well. He has told his family. That this is not true. He says different stories about him being gay are ridiculous but this is according TMC. Some believe him something he's just not ready to come out publicly. He's defended himself -- -- it's -- -- after all these years is going to be messy public that's it's also ladies Leo DiCaprio is back on the market -- -- -- with his girlfriend. Erin Heather can move. He's as she's an Italian secret supermodel you know -- will not be on the market or sleeping alone very long.

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{"id":17641184,"title":"Will Ferrell's Election-Day Promise","duration":"3:00","description":"Will Ferrell promises to eat garbage and hair if you get out and vote.","url":"/WNN/video/will-ferrells-election-day-promise-17641184","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}