Windows 8: Laptops, Laplets and Other Crazy Computers

Joanna Stern with new computers running on Microsoft's new operating system.
3:00 | 11/08/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Windows 8: Laptops, Laplets and Other Crazy Computers
We are so pleased to have -- ABC news tech editor Joanna stern. Do when it's gonna tell us about five you crazy computers that run Microsoft's. New windows eight they're crazy in a good way hits and -- great way I didn't telling you they're crazy. And I'm going to not like cynic crazy guy Manning not as good mentally insane. So we started with the big thing with windows eight is that it's meant for tablets laptops desktops all types of computers -- At what Microsoft is done and and now they're partners has made computers that are tablets but also. Laptops and also happens in. I tab tops a lot less you know that's not real good name for them -- yet -- convertibles of some sort so. This here this is the Dell X yes twelve looks like a normal laptop. But it does he and that they -- -- -- dramatic -- yes it it doesn't look crazy thing and it turns into a tablet. You're absolutely tablet and the thing is that it's a full on laptop -- -- -- an ID -- processor and yet. -- this is nice yes we can. Pinch to -- and do different things with it but this is also full lap -- had a core I five processor this is good enough to do all your work on. But also -- sit back trying to catch turn into a laptop in. Watch. About it and isn't any dictator check exactly I'm certain this plan to it as a crazy -- up its sleeve this is Lenovo IdeaPad yoga. -- that's the key -- there because it can do some crazy. You -- but what is very flexible very flexible zone -- he had -- the job of laptops. Heston you Newton -- win mark flexible that made it -- please. I don't -- the post but I do know that this -- can do you. At ten saying that extended absence got a belt and -- you can then flip it around to become the tablets status of bit it is so -- -- is functionalities please dial. And then you got another stands -- that's. Very calm and the big thing here is actually at the keyboard is disabled so not to be type payments on -- now definitely the same thing as this one -- got mad at -- -- prejudice -- 12100 dollars here 11100 dollars here so. You're paying a lot that you get -- Full functional laptop and here is the price going down or any second half of this -- the -- -- staying about -- -- here we will get to some are -- up but this one another secret track its case writer this is the -- -- bet -- 95 T. Again I'd gotten quite -- while she not just harvest the U 925 team that's it that rolls off the time doesn't. -- -- -- Other times she caught list that Toshiba satellite spider because that's exactly what that's like that's traffic down and then bring clients and it brings brides and you've got a tablet again. Since it's so you know the dollar is is that it is a little bit clunky eightieth attack uses a tablet that you have the keyboard in the back. But it definitely. You'd like to have that functionality of the -- -- And it gives you a different outlook and it changed her leading experience and if he wants -- -- it's not as clunky. Does this not as if this is it. The definite answer me this is actually -- favorite windows eight computers because it is so thin and light. And it's really just at our culture won't get cut -- and my laptop ultra books now -- -- it is so why added you get just basic laptop here. Touch screen as well. Really I expert for navigating here. That thing is that this -- is this -- gets a little bit -- -- how much thirteen hundred dollars. Yeah okay because it's so thin and light and that's really powerful Latin. What about the -- -- this summer gonna lower this is the big one here this is more comparable to an -- -- the big thing with this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The tablet -- -- I mean I. And it comes at the keeper got back 99 and a big difference here is actually that this doesn't run a full fledged version of we notice this is -- it's. Somebody just -- to back yet into the computer city. They're like why is he getting attention that this doesn't run apple -- elements are you using new apps from windows that witnessed or they can't use old windows apps on -- -- sort of a downside of this urgent. But it is cheaper our right to an instantiates are ABC news attack editor and knows a whole lot more about technology -- I guarantee your idea and it really got back praising. -- but I am and we'll be right back.

This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

{"id":17671089,"title":"Windows 8: Laptops, Laplets and Other Crazy Computers","duration":"3:00","description":"Joanna Stern with new computers running on Microsoft's new operating system.","url":"/WNN/video/windows-laptops-laplets-crazy-computers-17671089","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}