New Winter Storm Blasts the Midwest; Heads Toward East Coast

ABC News' Marci Gonzalez reports that the eighth storm of the season will cause more travel headaches.
3:00 | 02/18/14

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Transcript for New Winter Storm Blasts the Midwest; Heads Toward East Coast
-- happening right now another blast of snow and ice slamming the midwest and Ohio valley and taking pain to the East Coast. After eight major winter storm in seven weeks. This is number nine -- could bring another half foot or more a fresh snow. This latest winter blast is again causing travel headaches for an airline delays to impassable roads and massive pile ups like this one in Michigan involving at least fifteen tractor trailers. Many roads are still buried under inches of ice as communities across the nation are running critically low on road salts. When it's so cold -- spend this year. That this -- it takes to burned out something colds takes two to three times more but so it's really only an active to about fifteen or twenty degrees. And fresh worries for homes that snow piling up on rooftops causing ice dale. When the snow continues to melt those ice -- you're gonna get bigger and as. That stability continues to -- doesn't have -- to where to go -- -- and it actually doesn't freeze it it pools above the ice -- like a river dam. And then it actually -- underneath the shingles through the tar paper and into people's homes. It's not just the leakage that heavy wet snow is collapsing the roofs of homes and even entire shopping malls like this one in Monroe Township New Jersey. The same at this warehouse in Somerville New Jersey and this entire building at a Bible camp in Michigan. But the concern not just with the roofs. They don't have the -- and drainage away from your home. And could cost and cracking in your foundations this latest storm is adding to an already chart topping winter is the snow earliest on record in Indianapolis. And -- New York's Central Park the snow is 300%. Above average over a foot more snow than an Anchorage Alaska. I know are already for a warm up but it is not all good news when that snow starts to -- -- flood warnings going operating at the very latest right now from AccuWeather meteorologist Jim Vickie good morning Jim. Good morning John and Marcy tracking gets another storm system mart storm train not ending here. It is no we re northeast doing another round on -- here's a storm spreads to the -- when he does twenty strengthen offshore as is the -- the past couple storms. Bring a burst of snow lets you today along the I 95 -- -- Roadways we dangers may locations lot of -- black Jefferson near white out conditions. And now as far as accumulations are concerned 36 inches spreading out. Of the Great Lakes all the way into the northeastern England here as we head through the date butts from here conditions improving suggestion -- back Northridge. Every -- the warmup here across much of the country as we get through the end the week unfortunately -- short lived. The cold will be returning. As we head through the rest of the month -- -- back -- --

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{"id":22560550,"title":"New Winter Storm Blasts the Midwest; Heads Toward East Coast","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News' Marci Gonzalez reports that the eighth storm of the season will cause more travel headaches.","url":"/WNN/video/winter-storm-blasts-midwest-east-coast-next-22560550","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}