Winter Storms Slams the South, Trapping Students

A rare storm caught the South off-guard and triggered a National Guard rescue.
3:00 | 01/29/14

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Transcript for Winter Storms Slams the South, Trapping Students
America's -- Good morning -- linesman and John Paul and I Martha Gonzales in for Diana Perez and we begin with mother nature's latest blow that's right where winter storm -- caught the south off guard up to two feet of snow in some areas bitter cold. And ice here. -- vehicles and Williams -- Alabama. It is a storm that would've been business as usual here in the north but -- paralyze the deep south. Clogging highways stranding students -- schools overnight even triggering I'm National Guard rescue. The storm stretches a thousand miles. From mobile to Maryland so far triggering thousands of flight cancellations and hundreds of traffic accidents that have killed at least two people. Students and some Birmingham area schools were stranded overnight the roads too dangerous for their parents to take them home. If you trust your teacher to take care of your child -- in the day. They will be taken care -- tonight teachers -- little reassuring parents though that they've been keeping kids well fed and busy with movies talent shows and Plainville me. Outside of Asheville, North Carolina a school bus flipped over on an icy roads -- sending one teenager to the hospital. Bruce scary mean -- bus tipped over those sitting in the CEO -- and Skinner. Saluted us two to three inches of snow fell in Atlanta causing accidents gridlock and six hour long commutes home. And about it being got to be out stay home stranded drivers in Birmingham learned that lesson the hard way Perry's good at Busch car this morning that at the Chicago. Now -- how. Yeah a look at wall coming -- -- about dry -- here. It's just people that south of -- how to drive and as you know Home Depot even kept fourteen Atlanta area stores open overnight to offer shelter to stranded drivers. And main road crews in the south used to dealing with hurricanes are fighting snow plows and salt in short supply and mean. Time more snow is in store for the mid Atlantic area and up to the -- into the northeast parts of New Jersey are bracing for several more inches. We could have another wave of bitter cold. -- Jim Dickey has the latest good morning Jim. Good morning Marcy and Ryan high impact winter storm continuing -- early morning hours the heaviest of the snow that it needs to be in eastern Virginia southeastern -- that is. Eastern North Carolina. Into northeastern South Carolina. Ice as well many towns were shut down on Tuesday by this the morning hours going to be a mess is well on those roadways -- -- -- split apart here as we head through the morning. Taking the ice and -- what did not before some spots to get as much as six to ten inches of snow in eastern North Carolina Brian Marcy. Back to you.

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{"id":22278944,"title":"Winter Storms Slams the South, Trapping Students","duration":"3:00","description":"A rare storm caught the South off-guard and triggered a National Guard rescue.","url":"/WNN/video/winter-storms-slams-south-trapping-students-22278944","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}