WNN: Ahoy From the Boat Show

After the great recession, U.S. buyers are showing up again and spending.
2:43 | 01/10/12

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Transcript for WNN: Ahoy From the Boat Show
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- attendance was off -- little -- this past weekend's New York boat show with the sponsors say. That was more my -- -- home team football playoff game in the comments right back the -- industry says the US is emerging from the Great Recession and buyers began testing the waters. When the economy tanked in 2008 people stopped buying things they didn't absolutely need people. Folks -- an option. I'll let aren't Joseph Maxwell her husband started building boats in aborted a supermarket and North Carolina talent to 5000 people. In 2008 they had a 160 employees with at. Quickly dropped to eleven. The recession hit and we had to lay off people is a very painful thing because they -- friends are neighbors other builders also cut -- Early on Monday depression first started to affect the boating industry -- did have to allow lay off. Several people at the plant slowly sales started upward and now in the fourth quarter of 2011. Police while retail sales up over 38 but 37 point 5% so for almost 38%. Is it a sign of an economic recovery on the horizon. New unemployment numbers out last week. She'll -- unemployment rate has fallen to eight and a half percent but is it enough wind in the sails to carry -- album the recession for good. Last year. As far as -- -- we had the best year we've ever had northeast. The companies have kept prices down interest rates are low but boat salespeople say consumer confidence is the big difference. You wanna spend your money to enjoy life we know it's tough expense but. It's definitely if you have the passion for voting it's definitely worth without -- I -- Nobody builds boats -- sells boats -- services sense if we've got confidence we've got jobs. Then it's this great big cycles -- very exciting things into walk through plant and to see people. And -- to have him back into welcome them back and that only happens. Because there's demand. -- And it's good for the US 92% of these boats were made right here in the US and -- they're also exported recreational boating was a thirty billion with -- -- -- grab -- thirty billion dollar industry just last year and here quite a motorists I like to go out and yeah. Oh yes captain -- -- the. -- -- that was the Titanic. That's -- like fish out right for decades but there -- -- on just about the fact that more losers Abrams who. Whole.

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{"id":15327587,"title":"WNN: Ahoy From the Boat Show","duration":"2:43","description":"After the great recession, U.S. buyers are showing up again and spending.","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-ahoy-boat-show-15327587","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}