WNN: Football Picks

Watch Out!! It's Friday and time for the competitive football picks.
3:17 | 10/14/11

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Transcript for WNN: Football Picks
Music -- can only mean one -- Friday. And time -- -- increasingly competitive at always entertaining. World news now NFL picks competition this is getting I'm -- graduated and you -- sports I'm not. Yeah you can we've proven scorer you know home run in football and -- they're part of the week is here especially -- good to remind everyone. That I can -- atop the standings and help me. Commanding some would say three -- I remain in second place but only by this -- of margin of the my -- -- that flight but what are -- what came over vote. Broadcast producer David Myers and the enthusiastic but often misguided -- -- about bringing up the rear but making progress. Is Jack she -- that -- Is -- six now the NFL the second by -- this season. But we're picking that seems to be competitive games at least until the golf carts as a let's get to until we start at the 49ers that still undefeated Detroit. Plus New York teams that we will be playing in New Jersey the bills visit the John. Also this week Dallas goes to new England and the battle at the bottom of the NFC north the vikings or Chicago to safeguard -- bad as my ex. Detroit the bill's new England and -- go. And I'm Jamie capital but this week for better or worse the niners will take on -- -- and I'll go with the giants and new England and Chicago quiet -- could be. It makes it as a self. On second place and got Detroit. Buffalo the pats and the bite size and -- can -- inside that David has always enthusiastic picks are the lions buffalo new England and Chicago and Jack -- been -- environment -- This week he's got the same form teams and Jack -- here. You join us again thanks for government -- always a pleasure to read yes we're we're looking good as we enter week six you pretty look pretty good. Whose. Well who was not looking good. Is still three teams that have a one game you know what Miami Indianapolis Saint Louis in the cold as this fall all they're they're -- forget about it's over. And there are two unbeaten teams Detroit and the Packers so we have him -- this weekend. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He already has more downward move forward with we're -- -- move forward where did this because time is alas they are on the show went on her next in morning papers -- you will -- -- here. Cardboard spirit said. -- -- set up. I heard go to what we're gonna stay close contact with time I -- -- the second place I have is good try to stay in second place -- stay close contact and were not. We'll just make it up. I. And it's time is cut which old that's pretty a lot of imposed later incredible thing about -- affectionately yeah that I we found somewhere from yeah we've gotten some believe young college bound. Gotten cut about. But definitely you'll -- -- -- remaining -- -- -- more competition right when -- win you will live to regret this decision you realize. And when you come in last. When you come in less you can Dominican -- food and that's your that's right that's the Mets on Matthew grow up here on the show. Good morning papers -- to meet next.

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{"duration":"3:17","description":"Watch Out!! It's Friday and time for the competitive football picks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"14735134","title":"WNN: Football Picks","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-football-picks-14735134"}