WNN: Do Good and Have Fun

Facebook's new game Wetopia changes how we think about games.
4:36 | 02/09/12

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Transcript for WNN: Do Good and Have Fun
Here's some astounding numbers now studies show that Internet users spend more than 900 million hours a month. On social networks and they spend more than 400 million hours every month. Playing games like games now we have to give people a new game that has some high profile supporters is now hitting those users a way to actually -- good while having opened -- as well. -- -- -- Two words with friends social online gaming has become just as popular as stocking your -- on FaceBook. Nearly twelve million people spend hours building -- -- on farm bill but what you could build real villages instead of fake planes. That's the -- Lincoln brown had when he created the new FaceBook game we told via. We -- -- is an online free to play social games on FaceBook where you build a better world for children in the game but while doing that. He -- joy and then you get to give that joy to real world projects around the world. Two to help give back and -- good. So instead of winning points you -- dollars to donate to your favorite caught. It's an idea Ellen DeGeneres light. It is a fantastic game it's brand new I asked my viewers to go check it out and boy in India so many people went to we tell -- The website that you crashed it. -- -- And now Justin Bieber is the latest celebrity get behind it. So what makes it so special. But we hope you were able to create -- relationship between the causes that are clearly -- support. And the charities are basic to help. -- such as build on which is working with we Toby had to build schools around the world when I heard Lincoln's vision for this I thought it was brilliant. I thought it was brilliant because it democratize. Philanthropy. You did not have to be wealthy to make a difference. It was the devastation from the Haiti earthquake that inspired Lincoln to create -- rupiah. With the help of ad revenue and sponsors like -- and Clorox. We -- it was able to start supporting projects we built 32 schools in in Haiti collectively there -- sixty refugees. Sixty people that came from. That came from Port Au Prince after -- -- and Moline village. That are impacted that helped to build that school that so many gamers -- we Tokyo contributed to. And players get to watch -- money is spent. You'll see videos that take you through the very beginning of a project when it was just a piece of dirt. All the weight when the scores is fully built you'll see pictures you'll see blocks from the field from people actually working men and see pictures of the people their health -- And at this one girl in. You know not long after the earthquake one of our village's name -- And why she told me her story she told me that good she was important princess her family. And her house collapsed on top. After many hours -- -- -- what I sheen's father rescued her from the rubble. Her mother did making for fifteen days they were homeless on the street. In her dad didn't want to do mean he had to figure out how to take care of his daughter. So he went out one of our villages. And that in the community embraced them and adopted them adopted her. And and she immediately started going there are -- on school she's in the fourth grade. Why does she dream is to be a doctor Sunday to help other people who have suffered by being involved we told -- By helping us build schools in -- We can empower kids like -- this. And in Haiti and around the world. Achieve their thing. Dreams we all have for utopia. Good stories great story financing -- waste of time playing video games -- -- and that somebody when they're given back so great calls over so far 200000 meals. And over a million liters of clean water because of folks playing that -- just tear in the United States. I just in the just here in the US for homeless child care and the -- their next project is going to be in Detroit so. You can choose again you can choose it to the charity of your choice -- right. Here domestically or internationally. But -- -- their next project is in Detroit it's just an amazing. What they've done and the big shout -- to our DNA James Henderson put that -- piece together comes -- -- chase and all those people live in. You spend their money on very very good let us.

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{"id":15545135,"title":"WNN: Do Good and Have Fun","duration":"4:36","description":"Facebook's new game Wetopia changes how we think about games.","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-good-fun-15545135","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}