WNN: Halloween Costumes

What are the hot costumes for this year?
4:34 | 10/27/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for WNN: Halloween Costumes
-- -- -- -- -- It's time for my favorite segment of the year -- really the favorite of the staff here world news now Halloween of course is almost here that needs lots of fun for the kids and even as -- if you need some ideas about making it a better holiday for your little. -- -- out there maybe even yourself. Our toy insider mom can certainly help parents walking back and Lawrence Jack -- publisher of toy insider -- -- to Laurie might get me. -- -- I remember at noon and -- -- indeed let me just so much fun it. Yes so one of the first things we do speaking decorate. -- really -- is -- posters from -- window I'm just stick in my. They're reusable tape we have Jason in the back -- -- -- That's all made -- and they probably cut for the house nobody is yeah hey big gigantic. The end of this -- every kid wants to put out a whole cost -- here's some extreme here also good for road anyway constant -- -- -- -- -- right. This is just for us -- -- -- mystery may have hidden that I know kinda fun things to do when He will have some good dripping down at the turn it. Married and -- of course you have to have your creepy promised a Halloween so we have zombie -- but nanos and we have remote control. -- -- and that night so now we're gonna take a look at -- -- because. Is really the that's -- -- We do it so while kids -- still babies and you get to choose what they where he's a great little -- ketchup packets so through the man that is good that. Sewer with a huge movie and it's the ever popular read for toddlers and allow mountain -- C one of them most. Hottest altering can't even with the yarn -- Russert didn't integrate their little. Little -- but -- dinosaur train on front -- you know threaten the at this embodied -- T Rex. Turning to cool it He -- and of course everyone knows -- lightning. I'm -- hiding still from the movie tangled -- long -- sold them bring your best bet. And of course and we had. Captain America she LL perfect. And this. You have to have you superheroes so we have Power Rangers don't -- the most of these calls anywhere from seventeen to about thirty dollars not too bad but then. I honestly think so let's start with drag you lock -- up from the popular job. And books she is wearing her beautiful outfits. That's the lighter bacteria like that -- -- this is all the monster is that you know are part of this series their high school house married and snitching yeah. Well kitty this is the new ad ad that says visit the whole -- -- -- a -- Sell month's local locating kids love -- kidding it's ruining my -- my iMac and that is your lovely daughter around that in my lovely daughter. On them that doubt that. -- so would Halloween be without which -- but what you which is good -- or. Way it's all right well let's bring up the next -- -- -- fell from plant six it was not we have blend of the net and and we have -- -- win. I don't know west is anywhere -- -- Miracle. I didn't -- and Darren. Sat we have certainly dreamland. Is that -- -- -- -- got them all. I have low rates is buckling up. Barrett golden -- music Green lantern and -- most popular. Really anyway and no my parents that we have our red and yellow this passing comes from toddler all the way up to adopt but clearly we have our liberty -- yet. -- that people are so addicted -- that game I like that maybe the media. Angry Birds we like -- let's bring everybody back out here all the bad things -- -- C I know what all these great costumes again look at everyone and everyone's -- yes thank you so much for good as you look good. Happy Halloween have fun be safely thank you so much for coming -- as a deafening thank you okay. That's very very cool all right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Dot com you're watching world news new album cover let's -- -- He has to accept -- -- about half. A woman that anybody. -- -- --

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{"id":14823786,"title":"WNN: Halloween Costumes","duration":"4:34","description":"What are the hot costumes for this year?","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-halloween-costumes-2011-14823786","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}