WNN Holiday Cupcakes

Sunny Hostin whips up red velvet cupcakes for the holidays.
3:35 | 12/21/11

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Transcript for WNN Holiday Cupcakes
Today you are in my kitchen with Kendra yeah. And we are going to make red velvet cupcakes we're gonna base this on one of bullet -- recipes you know -- -- Fans -- stick all of her recipes have a lot of clean and butter. So we're going to start with the dry ingredients first what we're friends claims you make sure we sick. All of the dry ingredients together to what you've got is you've got to. Perhaps of all purpose are convinced that can put that Frist and -- -- to it happens and that's and it's organic organic flower. Tonight we've got one teaspoon of salt seven going to add to one and a half cups should act of one teaspoon of cocoa powder. Just adding an inmate she invested it well. And adding -- -- A teaspoon of baking soda. And then re going to work with -- for wet. So we have a one and a half cups. -- saying -- -- and Tucker but enough -- -- that only fueled an eight two Biogen. One teaspoon of an apparent. We -- that cheeky little things red. Keep coming and that's what gives red velvet cupcakes its rent. Calling -- -- -- you can put even mile and one teaspoon that. You just want to make sure it's all together. And suddenly -- power giant meteor. What you want to hear it -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When you won't evaporate into the but a cupcake holders make -- -- just that much about -- -- -- You just put -- yeah. I don't want to make. And -- need to 25 minutes. I -- -- have only come out of the evidence and they're looking without creating a cap pretty. We just want them off about ten minutes yet on their science and now we're going to file. That can -- them it's going to be so delicious. None have really it's -- the good news. Yeah. I love red velvet -- and let you like me. Everyone here all I've got word over and this is actually cream cheese and I'm the good morning guys this is -- estimates have -- -- innocent like -- bigotry he's I have let me read half I think we had a -- in the house outfit to dig in -- you've got to have cream cheese hopefully you -- like gift what is the red -- select that was why is this your -- your favorite. Like the consistency like gun that is sort of festive and I like that it has sort of a comical flavor to it as well -- animals everywhere. The south and I'm not a may have gotten every -- -- -- he didn't do you can eat you need to feeling queasy about laughing.

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{"id":15203654,"title":"WNN Holiday Cupcakes ","duration":"3:35","description":"Sunny Hostin whips up red velvet cupcakes for the holidays.","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-holiday-cupcakes-15203654","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}