Holiday Movie Retrospective

The World News Now staff reflects on their favorite holiday movies.
4:15 | 12/23/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Holiday Movie Retrospective
You know this -- -- going to do something a little different rather than you are. Usual Friday insomniac theater review that's right we've reached out to solve our staff who get up on the air every day and asked then to share. Their favorite holiday films with you. And as a child they just grow up watching this movie all the time in my house and and I remember my family and my mom would always be decorating the house and you know is how that movie playing. -- and alliance both sort of -- Charlie brown and ever -- to understand the true meaning of Christmas. The holidays about believing. And IA and my son love forwards. -- -- -- -- -- Not all. -- We love trains my son loves trains I love my son and just every year he comes back and watch it to -- Yeltsin travels to North Pole. Comes here looking for -- dad. So -- This isn't -- And guess what I'm WW. -- -- out. It's so that and it's so so funny always puts me in the Christmas spirit. I am such a hopeless romantic I love. Love actually hello -- movies where. All of the people somehow get connected to each other and listens closely because it's Christmas -- That has Rosemary Clooney and Bing Crosby and the best song from the best music in the best story in just warms your heart. Okay. -- game. Okay. Is okay. A great holiday movie. It really brings out the spirit of Christmas time it's kind of fantasy but it's really got this home town -- -- it. And just like it though we'd like it. And -- Christmas movie is Jim Henson's and it otters jug band Christmas -- And but it's big in Canada. It's a burial offensive. Colin. Christmas experiencing many of us had not just with the red Ryder BB gun but. Number of the other things in the movie just get it right Mary -- case. Com news. This reminds me of a good time being with Sam ways. Memories being 3000 miles away from home kind of -- a great way to feel like your back home. That little kid is triple -- -- so that flag pulls. Reminds me of the three times and -- it now as a child Christmas vacation makes me feel place. No matter what life throws -- you always have the ability to overcome things and for things always work that her life. When the the year. Has all the lights -- house he's trying to put all the lights on doesn't understand what's going on. I think it's hilarious -- my dad a lot of what's on our house. My favorite holiday movie is home along the caller called in because they used to have such a huge crush on him and every -- I watch it I'm reminded of dean a little kid and it's Chris meant and I just loved the -- My -- Chris is movie is Coldwell. Classic. If that you what -- show it's so crazy at that let's look folks who work. Aides brought the game itself and has there really are so fantastic -- I say on television piracy TV the folks appear have the easiest job covering I suspect there is -- hair but what they're hard to make everything come together -- happy holidays everyone on staff. And is that he's well done guys involved -- one -- might lead on their mom -- Margie some. --

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{"id":15219593,"title":"Holiday Movie Retrospective","duration":"4:15","description":"The World News Now staff reflects on their favorite holiday movies.","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-holiday-movie-retrospective-15219593","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}