Last Minute Holiday Toys Ideas

"Toy Insider Mom" Laurie Schacht with last minute toy ideas.
3:00 | 12/20/11

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Transcript for Last Minute Holiday Toys Ideas
-- DE the snowman. -- -- -- -- -- The clock is ticking toward gift giving time this holiday season and maybe you need some last minute presents for the kids like I do. So here with some ideas as Laurie -- the toy insider mom and co publisher of the toy insider welcome back -- you know we love. You -- and clean that tell us what you have for us with more right well it's not too late to get some great chance so let's start out with a couple of class okay and it talked about the legacy the -- told it could grow let me pony. How we start -- of this safety seat. We take the safety seat -- when the child has little older so it's nice -- there -- went to this lets it becomes a spring -- how. And legacy talks. I love you back now moves. Great fans and you can check him on until I think that second what what is -- Three and one building -- so I can't grow with me toy it starts flat. -- -- can put the blocks finally had things are shapes. As they get older and starting to walk it's now -- walk. And eventually turns into a wagon. Okay he hasn't been great for the family. This is called you try instant artists and so it goes with the we need the Xbox-360. And on and or at EPS the -- and who had basically have a full art studio and you have your own. -- -- got an instructor his name is -- You know it's art school taking in about fifteen different are less than. And then they get it continue to get harder what do you do or you know full graphic designer you're gonna have fun on that I love that so it really is great. Talk about little -- -- animals. Something to add to invest so we have our Disney on -- -- didn't a lot of the newly printed this is. Or the on marvel superhero squad and it's really fun about this is the -- actually drying. -- -- -- coloring to get to the next part in this game with you draw here they actually have -- engine world the -- an entity go get the villains okay. It is a line called accurate safari. And this is the newest thing it's the storm chase there -- -- be. Have a portable weather hot it will tell us what direction the weather's going it'll help us determine this heat it's all in here. We can even -- the water -- so a lot of fun that is a lot of funds. And their tax we had these great figures but probably one of the most -- own sayings is hours war of Oltmanns OK if we pushed this top. -- -- -- But -- -- -- -- -- patent and and I we have found you know what I -- -- thunder. Yeah a lot of fun and for the kids love all of that out like. The -- I -- out of it and Hank. This is Disney family whole. Is flat -- OK and this is tinker about obviously an anchor back and smells delicious by the way could not liking -- -- now and now you just pull on her cane. -- The family and own -- mad that -- and okay -- -- -- the first time we actually saying. Three -- animation. Going on what. And so it's really really cool and when he does is it -- -- the ability to stack to block. Look at that really great you -- -- the Begin at -- in the starting paxon Y 599. Cent just a great gift. How can I do remember when he questions yes Aaron this is twenty -- -- Basically -- thinking of something yeah you know what are you thinking -- -- you wouldn't think up and it goes -- twenty questions and -- You know in the middle it takes it -- standout what you might be thinking right and he gets it wrong and you say -- you got -- -- and I was just getting. My nationality to 1299. Item I get an easy time and and it resident and throw back which is -- it ends. This -- not -- I can't up I 99 item it's just dial pad. You get just throw this the world this game is simple you may not catch it with your -- OK they don't want to play with your friends -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that sits -- the -- doing tricks or just tossing them -- that I can't. And the wonderful. And these -- -- 9999. You can't go wrong when you how wrong you could stocking stuffed them and it's gonna keep all the kids so really in my own ups -- -- Rachel uses -- thank you thank you as always thanks again to our toy insider mom Laurie -- for detailed information on all the products she mentioned this visit our FaceBook page W and and fans dot com. You're watching world news now.

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