WNN: Military Concussions

ABC News takes a look at the "signature" injury of Iraq and Afghanistan.
4:03 | 01/03/12

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Transcript for WNN: Military Concussions
Yeah. Now everyone for the first time in years the war in Afghanistan -- decline in the deaths of US service members in 2011 however. The number of IED explosions also known as a roadside bombs were at an all time high numbers like. That have led to what's being called the signature injury of the wars in both Iraq. And Afghanistan an injury concussions NBC's nick Sheppard has more now from Bagram Afghanistan. Down -- rutted road in Afghanistan nothing scares US troops more than this. ITT's of the US is number one enemy here -- -- and -- injured more than 7000. Troops including private first class Alex a rocket. And I remember the taste from the explosion. In my mouth disease cases so. So awkward. And just. If you put pennies on in your mouth. Tasted like that. So -- it was only three feet from an IEP he was lucky and survived. But he does have injuries they're just mostly invisible wearing -- right here. Just all around. So Robbie is suffering from a concussion it gives him headaches and bowlers his vision in the past because his body is mostly intact. The army might have sent -- back to the front. But today treatment it looks like. You've never seen scenes on the front lines. Hanging out with girls watching movies. They pretty much so many get risks they give me food. Anything which hot shower now just -- just Jamie I think like a baby. Which is good. Every morning major Kathryn brown asks him how he's feeling. Every evening he gets complete price. So here -- -- your -- -- how many guys to sleep with on the -- My whole platoon Summers. In terms of comfort has just compare -- -- -- on the front lines. We elect them from the area president. -- that's specialist -- lavender. He -- just -- tonight ET isn't visible injuries or even worse he can't sleep and is fighting depression. -- -- -- Rather feel like I'm -- Sometimes I feel dizzy -- Things feel sore. When -- started blowing up in Iraq and Afghanistan the military was overwhelmed. It didn't know how to treat so many concussions. So it turned to a surprising source NFL. Football helped teach the importance of rest today the army moving its victims far from the front lines -- a culture change. We now have on our most young this leaders on the battlefields proactively taking -- service members out of the fight. And having them have some down time and -- taken care of we didn't know in the past to do that improperly many of our service members would have said shake -- off get out and go back in the fight. The new approach seems to work 95%. Of these men returned to the front including -- -- and wapner. They told me they'll miss those movies but now feel they're back at home with their men. Picture for an ABC news pogrom Afghanistan. We can celebrate all we want the war being over when you hear about not only the physical injuries but the stress disorders the suicides are going up as well as -- the number of homeless in this country were veterans. It is actually staggering is -- national disgrace that we don't take better care of the men -- women who put their lives on the line for this country who ever gets in the White House next year. It's -- should address that. -- -- you mentioned the homeless to the largest group in the united states of homeless is. Veterans which is suggests I don't even when it's incomprehensible national disgrace little -- so.

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{"id":15277916,"title":"WNN: Military Concussions","duration":"4:03","description":"ABC News takes a look at the \"signature\" injury of Iraq and Afghanistan.","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-military-concussions-15277916","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}