WNN Last Minute Holiday Toys

What are the best and hottest toys this holiday season?
4:41 | 12/15/11

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Transcript for WNN Last Minute Holiday Toys
You better watch -- -- -- -- you veteran. You've an incentive. Moses. Welcome back and the holidays are here my favorite time of the year family meals travel and of course gifts and we have the hottest toys on your -- wish list this year our toy insider mom Laurie Shaq is here with speak with deep inside scoop on what will make your kids. -- envy of the entire block -- thank you so much for joining. Look -- it until we. Start with this plasma -- its balance I think what that means is we have we -- but we don't have panels -- -- kids on this. Com and they're pushing with the -- And eventually they're lifting I think they're learning to balance coordinate and once they stepped up to -- two -- is -- training male. That's a good brain dead and I love this size of these meals gives kids more confidence so -- the -- -- and what -- what a -- business for three and that okay okay. Now dean's. -- light stripes. I love high that this could make you mad did it to we have our strengths we have our world that Blake told -- -- of -- we have aren't magic dot. So why does colors in -- we can capture -- and we can -- -- our rights and with all of them. So it's really just magical -- a little -- -- -- -- in Iowa candidate here this this out for an okay. Okay blocks classic -- and lock -- this is discovery kids' castle set so real -- blocks. -- -- -- using your imagination they can build this anyway they want I would sit with my kids back parents with lots. So great classic -- an age group and this is going to be about five not when. Okay sky lanterns -- -- -- new video game amazing technology. This on its. This week. Xbox-360. Doesn't matter OC what -- -- you can use is saying yes and this isn't video game but one thing is you put me in mind here's your portal of power. You take what is your characters you put on this character comes to -- -- Oh my I don't go -- of any era names taken off -- -- -- -- comes to light a way to keep spanner. Now everything that they experienced in the game where they can take their character go to -- friend's house. Put it on their portal up -- mark. And all of the experience system that didn't exist only -- the table in the clinical -- with -- other things that Palin and these are the other -- Anderson isn't this about thirty of them. And it's not collecting a -- with these. -- thinking in movies now great family movie this is freezing freezing. -- Honest this is Eric thing when he is the right after ice kids can't kick -- collecting -- color. And then putting different -- vaccine -- -- get all of your color cue creek. This is the leap pad. I look awesome kids look at that parents have kept the -- -- I want this one is amazing may think its hands full touch screen camera and video camera aren't studio team wasn't here. -- -- download apps. So they can download books at what level and canceled challenged kids appropriately parents -- trying to pick what emails so they can see how their kids are doing about someone like me who has the older version can you aren't an engine ask you can't practice -- walk right in here wonderful. Can act I love that -- -- -- on for the Xbox-360. Because you knew the remote controls and really get -- inching up -- -- the -- This is Disneyland adventures you aren't. I'm -- and flying in dancing. Through the park. You're going to main street here in the parade -- meaning characters are getting autographs hugging and you don't have you're getting Disneyland in your own living room now is amazing and -- Deng had talked to you about -- this flat rock -- everyone's favorite -- ignorance there. He is active of these instruments is that the drums the team marine and then -- that he -- -- Looking at other pieces so attorney my. Yeah. So -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the -- How I -- I haven't -- -- and -- about hitting lack again. Yeah. -- in her -- exact. You'll find details on all the -- he showed us here on our FaceBook fan page W and and fans back confidence. You're watching world news now with -- -- --

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{"id":15160103,"title":"WNN Last Minute Holiday Toys","duration":"4:41","description":"What are the best and hottest toys this holiday season?","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-minute-holiday-toys-15160103","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}