WNN Papers: Put a Ring on It

If you like him, you should put a ring on it!
3:00 | 12/01/11

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Transcript for WNN Papers: Put a Ring on It
And world news now delivers your morning okay. Welcome back everybody here at Thomas scary iPhone related story here is this is -- how we came to us out of Australia the Sydney morning. -- here apparently. Brussels on a flight and the iPhone possibly because the battery overheated and that is like right there and the photos are smoking -- had a red Golota was a congress at all as emergency situation on -- plane back on Friday. Now -- you look at look at that thing down -- here's a look at into the to figure out exactly what went wrong of that flight attendant come over to help put it out and he was it was a pretty. Scary home -- like spontaneously combustion and -- -- -- for a self wasn't -- you know have really late as an older model but to -- How Hollywood there was that continue to monitor they -- -- smoke it and every. That -- -- -- I always think phenomena plain white enemy we turn off my phone and in turn my phone back I -- everywhere and I won't -- interfere with the way this plane is flying I don't need to be supplying the player out -- -- but now I'm thinking of -- -- can blow up right -- that's. The different levels so long drive when his B be careful that yeah there's not an -- -- -- -- complaint did it should be here. I have this sorry that I absolutely -- all right the Daily Mail. Men are now wearing a -- -- they're called -- engagement ring. It -- -- you see in large part because they're gaining. They're gaining popularity. The US in the US and the -- more focused on for the new found quality. -- -- -- -- deal for men who wished indicates above normal that they tell you are off the market and I appreciate that because. -- I think gates can -- not off the market will remember is just floating around. And the way to go but could win but we spent a lot of money on your engagement ring you -- -- -- rock added that. And every 100 that -- Obama you know -- aware of what I want you all who opened up your bank account and -- all the out of that many many women would do it. Do you think so would you -- what. We -- and. But yeah. -- need equality in all that but -- -- -- -- revenues they're -- I know how about don't give us a little I look I think that mention where gave me I've always thought. And ripped -- use -- -- the world other off the market so yeah and -- I'm -- -- finally with the way things are -- yeah I'll just say it. It's a pretty cute Christmas story right here to out of here upstate New York Kingston, New York in fact two youngsters called 911. Bearing ages four and six and when they called a Bible when they asked to speak to the police chief -- must -- dissent that there. They want me around whether or not and we naughty or nice you know I believe I -- that. Horrible story actually though police came to the house -- game -- family and hit the lecture on what is the proper use and -- -- they are told that they were good that's a normal dosage. The chief or famine don't want -- animal called back it is.

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