WNN Papers: Awkward Holiday Photos

Get a load of these extremely awkward holiday photos.
3:00 | 12/22/11

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Transcript for WNN Papers: Awkward Holiday Photos
Yeah it's. World news now delivers your morning. Well I love this because I -- get both Christmas cards with the pictures and finally feminine than ever have time. But we found these awkward Christmas family photos on the website makes let's hear what we're family photos dot -- -- this first one. Okay everybody has an odd problem or other so -- yeah that is an interesting one but but the next one it just. It's just inappropriate OK the monkeys five but there's no bias I don't understand the -- and assurances I don't like that monkeys in the midst there and there's I mean. The kids and if she's cute kid but she looks a little like Addams Family Kim and not only expand in the background he's scaring me you lay out the -- -- -- -- -- not good and then I guess they just don't understand this is this I'm -- -- median kind of snowman. Like that little cold for that she's afraid of Santa that happens that does happen then this is run and then of course we should also point out you're the other -- had to enter America Puerto Rico -- while which is where you know I spend my holidays and -- Understanding animal killing an animal house -- Christmas just folks take some normal holiday photos this year you know I -- get out of me -- -- don't go crazy don't go too wet we should be -- should be nice and and and and that and from all of us here to you guys have a wonderful Hollywood women celebrate the holiday. Who suspended his campaign -- called eat candy canes and that's at its best hope. And Perry didn't admit when they speak their full of hope that's the Christmas -- I am firmly on the right to the far right is -- place that's on the left side up and -- the credits block my face me. Everywhere I look I see you need an instability. That's their Christmas -- And -- wealthy 1% -- only. Let's hear from the. Percent to back. All you Wall Street protesters what's coming soon your way. -- you can keep your turtle doves angry. That's what -- that's the crew is left pulled down. Need the spirit of the season last much longer than. The most recent average on this -- -- dashing young and I hope Santa soon we'll start to occupy your homeland. That Reyes next -- Our thanks to the house of holidays and ozone park New York -- -- C -- Monday and.

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{"id":15217271,"title":"WNN Papers: Awkward Holiday Photos","duration":"3:00","description":"Get a load of these extremely awkward holiday photos.","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-papers-awkward-holiday-photos-15217271","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}