WNN Papers: Bacon

Find out who's smokin' mad over an anti-bacon billboard.
2:51 | 11/08/11

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Transcript for WNN Papers: Bacon
World news now delivers your morning things. Morning Paper to. The good -- -- icu with an anti bacon billboard that is. In its entire line achy and -- everything I -- -- -- -- -- -- are very upset about this story very very offended don't -- know that to Moines is the largest pork producing state in the nation in Oklahoma home. To the blue ribbon bacon festivals and -- game hasn't -- -- -- try to go there. And apparently though did you -- that -- can cause rectal cancer who. I -- that's. Apparently what the billboard says it's the Washington DC based Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine trying to ruin it for everyone after my first day here yesterday you know what I did. -- -- -- -- Really thick baking -- like celebration in Europe that -- on the grounds that it had rectal cancer. There's a billboard up that shows that there's a billboard up for it yeah apparently two pieces of bake in her day -- a -- -- -- into every day and that's. Like seven oh OK you're good yeah month it. Picking raised chances of cancer by 20%. And have a good Brady royal academy wasn't great we're did not -- to believe this I believe it. Max Baucus -- -- get that they can smoothly in the film. This -- not funny storm this kind of sped out of the sun sentinel down in Florida there was this teacher now who is a kind of accused him of driving under the influence because she crashed her car to another car right there. In this -- school parking lot is she told the almost -- low -- and the united before some little groggy sorry about that -- when they searched her car. He had a kind of found her at her for lunch box and inside soup in cans of beer and -- lunch and plums this. I don't get back clear that things go with mom didn't need substance I feel like -- deal contains senior more -- -- -- to mix. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Teaching that subject alphabet that's not the best example for now exist -- -- and being in a car yes and -- -- Maybe it's three yards yeah while another -- story coming out of Florida I'm always -- prisoner lawsuits you know always my interest is a lawyer he is filing this is a 34 year old guy he's serving a life sentence at the Claremont state prison for sexual battery -- Child what he says he's getting these soy -- they're sort of meet mixes. And it's cruel and unusual punishment he doesn't like it and he's he's soon. Because his meals are half real meat half -- me -- -- so there's sought alternative he can have peanut butter dried beans but this this -- Meat mix is very upsetting it's cruel and usual so he is in the upper battery against a child light sentence life sentence and he's not -- -- from yet. I'm sure some of his fellow -- to take care of him in the -- only fellow inmates can.

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{"id":14902623,"title":"WNN Papers: Bacon","duration":"2:51","description":"Find out who's smokin' mad over an anti-bacon billboard.","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-papers-bacon-14902623","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}