WNN Papers: Big Business Buzzwords

What are the top five overused business buzzwords?
3:00 | 12/13/11

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Transcript for WNN Papers: Big Business Buzzwords
-- The world news now delivers your morning -- This is an interesting story coming out of The Herald sun a man is modeling women's -- -- -- -- it's a Dutch lingerie company. Called Obama. And apparently it's. Showing its mega push up -- which apparently can boost your cup side. About two cups -- -- which could now never be in doubt because he's a man. And look very much like -- woman a woman but look at the cleavage and so clearly the push up -- -- -- -- a man. Modeling the push up bra and looking like he has some cleavage is actually -- about -- An appetizing coup for this company so that bit of failed push up -- for many years now I didn't realize that it's that it had. That level of impact and even a flat chested dude could put on one of this and look -- if you have a -- make -- push -- Brian that's why this ad is so -- well masterful looks likely that does not after the Thai commuters. Students beautiful work look for collect -- and apparently the male models said he did in describing the campaign is that this is just a money -- that they -- tonight they get paid to do it. Make that money he knew. Person you got this idea -- This is -- intelligence have a story we all apply for jobs -- resume -- cover letters -- kind of thing answer now -- -- Has carried in the top overused business the -- -- the top five right there in your screen. Track record extensive experience effective organizational and creative they -- don't use those words we use them too much. And here's Kyra yeah homestand that everybody's kind of seen them all veterans -- -- our cover letter with that someone has created yeah I think organization yeah. So look this is gonna add a New York Daily News FaceBook being a good corporate citizen is aiming to help prevent suicides -- they have this new way of doing -- -- program launching Tuesday. It enables users to instantly connect with the crisis counselor. Through Facebook's chat messaging system and what's so interesting it science shows that people experiencing reductions -- suicidal thinking. When there is quick and -- -- it reduces when there is quick intervention it's not the service works is if a -- spots to suicidal thoughts -- was paid. He or she can reported to FaceBook by clicking that link well done things well like I Holler at me it's just time for people so that's a good thing. And -- if you'll want to avoid catching a cold they say you know what. Don't stay indoors get out there they say it's not about it's cold outside and makes -- Stay you know usually do all you can see everything because -- -- -- here is spreading infection win -- could not yours. And don't -- go outside and I'm you -- being sick and that he's taken out of my -- here alone. --

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{"id":15150908,"title":"WNN Papers: Big Business Buzzwords","duration":"3:00","description":"What are the top five overused business buzzwords?","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-papers-big-business-buzzwords-15150908","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}