WNN Papers: Bling Cupcakes?

What's better than a cupcake? One covered in BLING!!!
2:57 | 02/14/12

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Transcript for WNN Papers: Bling Cupcakes?
Yeah. World news now delivers your morning -- Okay you heard about the dad -- dad decided to use histories -- slap happy she's complaining that baton FaceBook she was getting paid for her. Tourists love the video and viral I think 21 million views he shot -- -- ready to go get a gun and went well. He's a former marine. Name is Tommy Jordan now the police stopped by and he's -- that the police said could answer. And dead child services also came to his house and standing -- and interviewed him and his -- separately but -- and those little England with a three point one million views that say you gotta do to get decent -- -- -- force not a waste of money I think just take everything -- white suited up point crazy. Our question to Valentine's Day it is Monday accusing the fourteen after all what there's this place in Philadelphia cupcake store that is selling -- -- -- six gourmet. And it is selling its sparkling red velvet cupcake for a meager. 55. Fouls in dollars -- before you go that's crazies because. Helicopters and -- managers and eight carat engagement ring as you can see right there in the frost and that's why -- 60000 dollar cupcake to swing by there for them to pop up quite. Didn't just -- -- and if it doesn't work out maybe you can send in that ring to be museum of broken relationships which is in Croatia. -- recently taken -- break up mementos and putting them on display with nice little it. Notes there's one that led the -- garter belt there's the acts it acts as smash your household furniture. And no next to a garter belts and they never put it on the relationship but it lasted longer I had there's a guard -- which flew over car driven by -- husband turn out to be here again heartless -- breast cast for of the night. There may not at the hall of fame in -- relationship to actually we'll get this do if you're from UV day on the -- get get what some fast food restaurants are offering some deals some real cheap deals including. White castle leaves -- shouldn't go away -- Murphy's Dunkin' Donuts even left him in the Waffle House to -- and tables there was maybe a little bit of mood -- I got to think of policy. This our first Valentine's together as. Husband let's not put together something real -- -- you know I picked an immune -- on it now I have not gotten any next year I think if it's a mood lighting up here. A little bit we can didn't. -- got Arianna. Candles. And says hey I go to some good movies yeah. -- -- -- my -- -- -- -- some good look at is look at. This half all singing I'm Daryn except that is not a very shaky command that ABC Manning machine -- white castle burgers. Here is Natalie -- happy Valentine's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All you -- I love. -- love you yeah.

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{"id":15579707,"title":"WNN Papers: Bling Cupcakes?","duration":"2:57","description":"What's better than a cupcake? One covered in BLING!!!","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-papers-bling-cupcakes-15579707","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}