WNN Papers: Dog Owners

One town out west is cranking up fines against dog owners.
2:55 | 11/03/11

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Transcript for WNN Papers: Dog Owners
World news now delivers your morning -- -- -- -- -- You know I'm I'm all over the story -- the -- fast factor it does not yet and it's so bizarre. All we know about you we remember -- at the start before this it's been all over the place this woman and decided to give. Birth in a New York City art gallery as part of a public art display performance performance art where people could com and watch her give birth she's happening each -- -- -- on October 25. -- she named him Ajax a baby -- like conflict cleaner it's at 200 curriculum FaceBook it is -- -- is -- from the following a -- mythology. It's also a clean -- you can. And in. About people watched of them give birth and -- the western -- -- -- she's now in their with the baby as part of this display. She's saying that quote it wasn't weird to give birth in front of the a group of respectful people in the gallery this is that was a picture of her holding a baby right there -- OK I gotta say that's because it's so bizarre part of the installation. The bloodstained. Clothes and sheets that worm used. Part of her sorry I'm sorry. I'm -- can't you know I don't -- -- be judged not on the slim but. I think artillery subjective thing that's me how how that -- but I I'm I don't play in the season the -- -- Atlanta currently is addressing a major -- -- get this went to incessant dog barking which can drive neighbors crazy this guy that really fed up to this issue to the local government there. The LA City Council but even that's annoying to the united that so. How did they headed to find out what parking is also raised the -- years of nursing now. The Barkley is considered excessive and LA if it continues for ten minutes or more important continued intermittently for thirty minutes -- more than 83. Our Gary don't you -- -- wouldn't be -- on 101000 dollar fine princess Donna -- I'm LA I fully support them. We only sound like a lot of that they haven't relaxed and here's another want a New York Daily News -- was pretty funny or not scary at the same time a ten year old. Boy pulled the gun on a woman who jokingly tried to -- his take his trick or treat and -- -- -- saw -- walking down the street this that the kids she jokes she's gonna take their lives. Kid pulls out a gun and nine millimeter ten years old ten years old gun gun wasn't loaded but he had a clip tucked away in his pocket. And that police say that the kids -- gun from his grandfather. Not -- -- kind of status and. How Winston -- on kids that also grocery -- story here Kelly there's a save a lot Portland woman comes in the pay her bill 32 dollars to its people are never -- a big bag of quarters of the stars -- -- -- -- five dollars -- with a look at sometimes police headquarters they won't let her daughter and that's not right I don't understand that come on they've decided to Saban Center in Portland stabilize get yourself together man with a moment today.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"One town out west is cranking up fines against dog owners.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"14871386","title":"WNN Papers: Dog Owners","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-papers-dog-owners-14871386"}