WNN Papers: Get a Grip!!

See what happens when you don't hold onto the escalator correctly.
3:00 | 12/19/11

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Transcript for WNN Papers: Get a Grip!!
World news now delivers your morning -- -- We take certain things in life for granted sometimes -- the ability to calmly and safely ride an escalator been around forever in this neck of the woods bell but how -- -- Uzbekistan. They're getting it for the first times we've got our hands on simple -- is -- -- -- people struggling to use the escalator for the very first time confusing to. Think kid doesn't know all -- guys -- -- some danger is confusing to kids. -- adults alike these folks are struggling -- In -- -- area suggest to get all of this they have right after the other floor they just were not so everything couldn't keep their balance couldn't quite understand what the the -- everything and they just. We're having some difficulties out there you know modern technology -- Yes and you know everybody does not but that's what -- everybody got like let's just not the whole thing that's that's too much. The escalator. Yes the good -- after a few more years and haven't -- yet it is that he's looking at it from -- well this I always find fascinating zoo sometimes my memories of Spain's everybody's. Senior moment yeah. Well there's been a new discovery that could lead to this memory enhancing -- Which used to be sort of the fodder for science fiction no. More apparently study by researchers at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston led by -- neuroscience -- neuroscientist. From McGill University found that suppressing this molecule. Called -- -- -- -- PKR and brains of mice improve their memory so it's so big that this test. After the injected these mice. It that they wanted to my sort of find a platform in a pool well the non injected. My right to some weeks -- -- -- -- I'm Clark will slow selected mice and mice one day one that really really well this -- try they -- one try. Out of out of stranded -- they could be great let's say for alzheimer's patients with some people are saying what about if he does have a pretty good memory now I you can have a separate court Matt. Her uncharted two years and FDA finally gets around to approving a tax credit should be available for years but what's interesting -- -- -- that story about a -- without. It's easy -- Miami helping story adhere to bring people seem to lose their mind at the drive through the fast food to I don't know what it is up to drive there we get this a middle school teacher was arrested after flinging explodes at a -- McDonald's employee this according spent -- report -- -- dot com. She adds an argument over a breakfast -- -- did the tossing a book about spelled right -- five new window hitting. That clerk in the face she of course was arrested she denied she did but clearly the media maybe speaks for itself -- -- lot of people -- -- -- I've -- Just think it's because there's still the drive that each and every tell -- -- better -- get my front of them have already cannot and then you know -- -- it magnifies in the back. -- -- Want -- talk about it up up up but.

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{"id":15193923,"title":"WNN Papers: Get a Grip!!","duration":"3:00","description":"See what happens when you don't hold onto the escalator correctly.","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-papers-grip-15193923","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}