WNN Papers: McTantrums over Menu

Who had a tantrum in a fast food restaurant?
2:57 | 11/16/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for WNN Papers: McTantrums over Menu
World news now delivers your morning me. Now it's time -- -- morning papers but this crazy woman mrs. And -- the night. -- about a Huffington Post we have a woman should knife edge while she was arrested because she flipped out. She goes to McDonald's she really wanted to hamper -- and it changed the -- to the breakfast menu NN that. This is frustrated and that is Saturday and well she's infuriated by it this happened about 3 irony in the morning -- -- Through these films that -- She -- -- boyfriend around the face. Beat think he gets broken -- and and she gets uncharted desert on the comment the police just filed in pitch and you know -- typical. I will say what I was. And I showed up to McDonald's I want to hash browns I believe I was there about 1050. And they had changed the time. And I was I was upset. Really I didn't like about a half ago but I was -- second. Who get arrested there that I did I ever got there and -- that unhappy when you. Remember settles on the you really know already what is that dividend -- -- and out of life Brecher. And you kind of reversed experience. She looked anxious and -- what her boyfriend had full and keep Edgar my. -- this is offended how is this that -- living on YouTube apparently this -- Literally named Fred can answer the phone take a look at the video. There got really haven't quite differently than cat doesn't like the -- a slow -- Tired ever goes up there it includes over to -- thought that was the easy part of president -- The old order is a very good point now be impressed -- define what is not been impressed. He's on FaceBook they they've had this flood of busy hacking going on FaceBook -- there's been pornographic stuff violent images all -- -- up. So you're not alone somewhere -- popped -- on -- page over the weekend I was -- yeah. They out of the New Orleans are getting text and emails from people here were saying. There's a picture and making do on your professional workbook page would you please do some an ideology -- -- -- -- -- -- so I went in and reported the guy who did it and all -- -- stuff I'm not really a little. Jarring to you know. See some that it -- so it's they're trying to get a hold of it and but there's no American didn't happen you you're not alone. And last but at least New York Daily News there's a teen being made from panda feces and it's expected to be the most expensive route in the well -- drink to you don't he drink and -- -- And then he signed an awesome Kim really. -- what -- put wouldn't put behind Canada grandparent I. We have.

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{"id":14961973,"title":"WNN Papers: McTantrums over Menu","duration":"2:57","description":"Who had a tantrum in a fast food restaurant?","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-papers-mctantrums-menu-14961973","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}